Alibaba Cable and Sony Powerbank

If I have any complaint with the Sony charger, it is their not too long cable which hinders me from charging whenever I am resting at my bed. So I used my kindle charger instead. Apparently, the cable is broken and I have to find another spare one for my phone. I look for a long one and search through local market but I can't seem to find a 3 meter data cable. Luckily, I found one at Trend Setter facebook store. 

The Alibaba 3 meter data and charging cable is really a useful one for me since I can now charge my phone even if the socket is too far and it is great to use when I am charging my phone outdoor. I also love the cable tie which binds the cable if I don't intend to use it. The only problem with it is the fact that when I use my phone while charging, it is not charging the battery enough more of if your battery is at 10% only. 

Aside from the data cable, I also bought the Sony powerbank with 50,000 mAh. Unbelievable but it's true since the powerbank is only Class A. If you're gonna compare it to genuine class powerbanks, it is the same with those that can charge 2-3 times or the ones with lower than 10,000 mAh powerbanks. 


Sony 50,000 mAh features
  • Charges the  battery full twice and sometimes it can even charge another 40% depends upon the remaining battery (15-20% left) before you charge it.
  • Doesn't heat up when you use it even if your data services is ON because the outer part of it is made of plastic.
  • Has 4 lights that indicates the remaining power to be use for charging.
  • Auto ON and OFF when charging it to socket or phone. But I advise to use the OFF button whenever you finish charging your phone because sometimes the battery is drained on your next charging.
  • Handy, light and cheaper compare to other powerbanks.  
I know a lot of us today are using powerbanks and some really took the advantage of the genuine class compare to the cheaper ones. But whatever you decided to buy and use, we should take precautions on using this gadgets for our own safety. Learn more about what you bought and don't just buy it because it's trendy or cheaper. 
How about you? What powerbank and data cable do you use for phone? 

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