His Needs Her Needs: Recreational Compatibility

In a relationship it is important that the couples know each other's interest so that they can devote time on each other's recreation and increase their affection to each other. Or one of them will join each other's company to gain affection toward the other. It is indeed really helpful if we get to know our partner every now and then. But some couples failed in this manner. Why? Because what they had before is no longer existing in their current situation.

We have a friend Tricia and Ruel. Before their marriage, they really enjoy each other's company and most of the time they hang out together. They watch movies, dine and go to church every Sunday. That is because Ruel is still pursuing his courtship towards Tricia and he knows that doing it so will increase Tricia's affection towards him. Tricia didn't know that it was Ruel's motive and she thinks that Ruel is also enjoying their kind of recreation or bonding moments every now and then.

Then there was a time that their relationship hit rock bottom and they were exchanging words left unsaid or the white lies they've been hiding to each other. Tricia learned about Ruel's true intention and feel bad about it. Although Ruel admitted that sometimes he did enjoy what they do, most of the time he felt bored with the usual activity. He didn't tell Tricia the truth beforehand. He also told Tricia that he is more into adventure and travel which is not in Tricia's plan of activities because she believes that Ruel wants only his colleagues to join him. Then they compromise. They promise that they will learn each other's compatibility and take time to do it one by one. They also listed each other's activity that is divided into two category: Tricia's Girls Night Out and Ruel's Buddy Night which helps them to know when it is necessary to hang out with others and what activities they should do with them.

Their problem was settled. Now that they got married, they are still updating the list but gradually increasing their bonding together and learned from what happened before.

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Recreational compatibility is important. Engage in only those recreational activities that you and your spouse can enjoy together, Below are reasons why you two should enjoy each other's company when it comes to recreational activities.

1. It reflects the care both spouses should have for each other.
2. They stand up over time. Once you discover your both interested in that activity, you'll end up doing it again and again.
3. It ensures that both of you will gain mutual affection on each other and increases your love banks.

On a personal note, we discover that my husband and I both love:

1. Watching movies may it be local or American. We exchange opinions on every movies we watch and even recommend on what to watch next.
2. Listening to music. I love to sing and my husband loves to listen on every song I sing to him.
3. Kitchen works. He loves to cook and I love to learn how to cook and bake. Need I say more? We love to eat!
4. We both love biking!
I only listed some of our favorites and we're still knowing what else to do when we're together. Time for us together is limited because we are in a long distance relationship. But we know that it is not a hindrance for us to get to know each other. We plan for our activities long before his vacation starts so that every moment will be cherished and we will gradually increasing our love banks once again.

Now if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, husband or wife and you want to work things out between the two of you when it comes to recreational activities or bonding, have your own list. You can start listing on a separate page with the same activities and rate them. Once you're done, compare each other's note and take note those activities that are highly rated. That way you know which activities you both love and start addressing each other's activities which both of you wanted to do with each other and what activities you need to do with someone else or alone. (Yes, alone! Because sometimes you need to do things on your own! I will also make an entry about it and will definitely share my opinion why there is a need to do so.)

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