Budget 101: How to save more?

This is one of the task I need to focus on to or else I will end up broke every end of the month and worst case scenario I wouldn't have anything left for a savings. Budgeting seems to be so hard and can't be learn in just one sitting. More on my case because I myself must admit that I am indeed a shopaholic (but not the shopaholic princess we used to know, but whenever I seem to like something I grab it even though I am picky most of the times).
Back when I was still working, all my hard earned money is on a tight budget even before I actually receive my salary for the month. I already have my list on where every penny will be saved or pay for. I know that every Juan is in that kind of tactic. That's why at the end of the month or right after you receive your salary, there's no more left for you, not even a single peso. You are already dealing with expenses, from utility bills, to food allowance, transportation and miscellaneous stuff you ought to buy for yourself. I have this monthly treat for myself: atleast buy 1 Jolibee meal.

During my OJT days, I learned from a colleague that she was able to save money from her monthly salary. How? Only by withdrawing what she needs and letting her other money set aside at her atm account. How I wish I could also do that but what I do before is withdraw all of it and started separating the expenses one by one. At first, I know that I have enough money until I ask myself where all of money go.

What I just accomplished and still accomplishing every now and then is saving up every 5 or 10 peso coin into a coin bank. This isn't my actual coin bank though. The first one was when I was still working using only the can of pringles. Yes, I must say that I have the urge to get them all if I needed to but I manage to fill it up. The 2nd one wasn't full when I open it, it was the real piggy bank but since I am about to conceive, my inlaws told me to get rid of it already. When I open it, I save 1000+.

Now I am saving up some coins again. I just drop my 5 peso coin or 10 peso ones whenever I have coins left at my purse after grocery day or whenever I go out and spend some cash. Atleast I was able to save by this one. Or maybe, I should start the "envelope method" which I learned from Rea.

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  1. Im happy you learned something from my blog! :) Im not perfect in budgeting either. Its sooo hard to keep up with everything but Im learning from every mistake I have and wont quit until I get the best strategy. Do share with us your progress too so that we can learn from each other :)

    1. Hi Rea, unfortunately I am not a pro with the envelope thing haha.. Yes I will post tips that work and will work for me.


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