Human Nature Clarifying Shampoo

This has been my last purchase from Human Nature and I haven't asked anything yet from my dealer. I was hoping that this shampoo is a great buy since I already bought the bigger size and can actually save from using it but upon using up half the bottle, I stopped and wouldn't buy again for sure. 

Human Nature Clarifying Shampoo is a 100% natural clarifying shampoo and among one of the new products lined up at Human Nature stores. Since they got reviews from user of their shampoos before which I also use, the Mandarin and Vanilla Lush that it is not foamy or more lather, they created the Human Nature Clarifying Shampoo to cater the needs of many.

This bottle is 200ml already and costs P149.75. If only I continued using it up, I could have used this for a month but since the outcome isn't that great I just don't want to take the risk and end up not using it at all.

It's a yes for those who wants more lather when using their shampoos and it does have a mild scent but what I don't like about this is I got patches on my head that when I scratched it, it was like a dandruff which is so dry that sometimes I got blood stains. In short, nagkasugat yung scalp ko! I tried to lessen up the amount applied on my scalp but still it damages my scalp. Poor thing. :( Though I assure you that you can have a tangle free hair after using it and it's so soft after washing and drying it up. You might feel dryness when your hair is still wet but right after it dries, you will feel the softness.

It says that it soothes one's scalp but the effect on mine is not like that. It's free from harmful chemicals and made with natural fruits acids, betaine and aloe vera for a deep, purifying and gentle clean, this shampoo helps eliminate build-up and impurities. If you still want a foamy lather without the "chemicals" on what you use, I suggest you use this product or other variants from Human Nature. Just remember, I already warned you on possible outcome upon using the product. Well, it doesn't apply for every person, I believe. We have different scalps so try it for your own sake :)

Visit their facebook page: for other informations and other products as well.
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