BPI Express Credit Card

Last year I ask hubby if I can have a supplementary credit card since were having a baby. I know for sure that the emergency expenses like running out of milk or nappies will be in demand every month. And I know that borrowing money instantly is not an assurance for me that when I need to, I can have one. Instead, I ask him and carefully discuss about the matter with him. He tried to apply for a supplementary card on his bank but we didn't got a chance a be approved (or so, he really didn't applied one for me! LOL). But last November, I received a call from a BPI representative telling me that I am entitled for an instant credit card from my respective bank.

That news didn't just excite me but the mere fact that I don't have to do anything else from application to waiting for a card approval nor going to a bank is a plus for me. They told me that since I am an account holder for more than two years and I have earned the minimum requirement for a credit card approval, I am entitled to have one! Yay! 

What did they is just ask me personal questions and supply them the answers they needed. Then after three days, I received an SMS stating that within a week, the card will be delivered to my mailing address. Two weeks passed and I didn't receive any card. Afraid that the mailing address is not deliverable, I ask for an assistance to my local branch. They told me to call the hotline instead. Patiently, I tried to call for twice already asking if the card is already in transit and I might change the mailing address to pick up instead. 

Good thing the customer representative is accommodating that they provide me such details and ensure me that the card will then be transferred to my preferred address. After month, I wasn't able to see the card and I already told myself that the card indeed is not for me. Still hoping, I look for other ways to track my credit card since I already notice that the card number is posted in my online bank account and I already saw my credit limit. Just waiting for the card to arrive and it will be ready to use.

I then learned about the BPI Bankers Online on Facebook and try my luck on that facebook app. I asked through a help desk to track my card and how I will be able to receive it by the time the agent told me through hotline. They ask about the card details as well as my information. After 15 days, the card was available for pick up at my local bank main branch! I was really happy knowing that it really helped me a lot. They answer my query a day after posting my inquiry. It is indeed a great app!

I haven't use this card for online shopping yet because I am afraid that I might be charged for something I didn't actually bought. I know that there are scammers online and decided to just use this specially for emergency purposes. I am also afraid that I might end up a shopaholic having tons of debt everywhere. 

Now here's something I didn't know until I read the promos through my bpi mobile app. For every 2000 pesos worth of items purchased using this credit card, I can redeem a Jollibee treat of 1 pc Chicken with rice or 1 Yum with Cheese + Hot Chocolate Sundae. Isn't it amazing?!? I already availed twice of this treats from Jollibee and I still have two receipts with me. I didn't actually purchase anything but I let my cousin use my card for her groceries! So it's a more plus for me.

For other treats, you can check it out HERE. This is also applicable if you use your BPI ATM for EPS transaction. Check out other promos on their website to experience the reel thrills exclusively for BPI Cardholders.

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