Pamper Day: Bride for Rent

I always thought of something I could deprive myself into and divert my attention to other things other than nursing my baby and the needs of my husband while he is faraway. I need to fully exert my stress each and everyday so I won't be loaded enough to burst into tears whenever I feel weary. So, since I am really into having a "ME" time (of course my husband fully supported me with this), I always find a way on how to relax and pamper myself once or even twice a month.
Twas last week when I asked my friend to hang out with me and watched a movie entitled "Bride for Rent" which stars Kim Chiu and Xian Lim. If you've been hanging out here lately, maybe you already read my post about "Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo" which I also watched because I just so love Kim! And so we schedule our movie date yesterday at about 5:40 in the afternoon. Unfortunately, when we arrived at the cinema there are no seats available already and have to buy tickets for the last full show. So we decided to take the last one or else we'll have to schedule it out again. By 7 PM we already lined up waiting for the 5:40 peeps to come out. Yes! There are so many people watching it that we have to lined up at an early time even an hour away from the start of the movie.

You meet thousands of people. And none of them really touched you. And then you meet one person. And your life is changed FOREVER. And FOREVER means loving each other every waking day.

The movie is about two people who have to act like they were real couple for the stake of the trust fund of Xian who played the role of Roco. At first he thought that he's gonna have the money summing up of 80 million pesos once he turns 25. But, his grandmother "Lala" played by Pilita Corales made an amendment already that he had to be married by that time. So, the problematic Roco and his friends got an idea to hire a "wife" for him until he got his trust fund. That's when Kim entered the story, portraying the role of "Rocky". To avoid spoiling the movie for all of you guys, I won't tell the twist of the story here! :)

I was so giddy and keep on laughing until the very end of the story. They really got chemistry together and it seems like all the acts were real and not just scripted. I also shed some tear on some part wherein they tackle about family life and living away with family. We'll moral of the story is just the same with their last movie but just have the emphasis on Xian's role. Apart from this, they tackle about how to handle relationships not just with partner, but also with inlaws, how to live a happy life with your wife and the certain factors that arise during the first year of marriage. In fact, after watching the movie, I decided to take a glimpse on the website "the happy wives club" and thinking if I will join or not or just let myself indulge with the articles online. I even thought of purchasing the book but for the meantime I just read the sample chapters. The movie "Bride for Rent" is really a feel good movie.

Have you watch the movie already?

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