Allue My First... Peel Off Nail Polish

I was eager to try out what Genzel has posted recently in her blog about the Allue My First water based Nail Polish. I was at SM Mall last Saturday so while I was waiting for my niece I visited the HBC outlet nearby. I was hoping that there is similar nail polish but I was dismay because there wasn't. Instead, the sales clerk was insisting that the display were water based when in fact I check it that the caption on the bottle was "Peel Off". So before I got mad at her I just pick out a pale color and pay for it.

So this is what I just purchased. Allue My First... Peel Off Nail Polish in Portia Pastel. I thought that the color was just the same as it is in the container but it wasn't. As you can see, it's pink and it has glitters. There are different colors to choose from and they even have yellow neon but I was afraid to try it since I wasn't sure what to expect in this nail polish.

Sorry for my nails, I didn't have time to trim them as I was excited to try this nail polish ASAP. :)) I try the nail polish on my nails, one coat only. It was pink at first but as it dries up, it becomes colorless with glitters.

This nail polish costs Php 25.00 already and it is too small compare to regular nail polishes at hbc. You can purchase them at HBC outlets nationwide. Even if the bottle is too small, they got to place the ingredients, manufacturing and expiration date and the color of the nail polish. Indeed every corner of the bottle has captions, and has a barcode too!

Now let me show how to remove it. I was glad at the result! The nail polish is really a peel off! If you don't want to wear them anymore, you can easily peel it off without the need of using water or even acetone, which is cool because I am not allowed to be exposed at it. It's perfect if you just want a quick nail polish before leaving the house and just remove it after. Convenient for me actually. Look at the picture below as I peel off the nail polish on my nail.


I'll definitely try the yellow one and will surprise hubby for that since it's his favorite color. He is really strict when it comes to nail polishes because he doesn't want me to apply striking colors. When we got married he was surprised that I really have to use the red nail polish on my nails because it was our motif but he didn't complain afterwards, thanks God!

Have you tried Allue My First Nail Polish? Share your story with me!

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