From Blackberry to Android

I was really pissed off with facebook messenger last month because it's my most favorite app in my blackberry phone as much as checking emails. Since I only have a 512 kbps ISP, I can't open the facebook app and have to use the facebook messenger for easy facebook messaging. But recently, the app stop working because of technical issues. I started ranting and I feel like it's not useful at all (use of blackberry). No push facebook messaging, no videocalls, no voice calls aside from walkie talkie wechat. I have limited use of apps because blackberry is too "arte" when it comes to their native apps that it can't be used over wifi unless you subscribed to RIM data. Well, 2 years of using blackberry is now over.

As much as possible I like to use wifi whenever I don't have work for a day because I want to devote my time reading or just using my cellphone and stay away from my laptop because of radiation. Besides I am pregnant and I just want to lay in my bed whenever I feel like checking emails or messages from my husband. Also, I'd like to have free calls over wifi so that my husband wouldn't spend much money on calling me since he's abroad. I also want a handy one, so that when I am outside, I can still talk with him over skype and with video too!

So my husband and I talk about this matter and last year he wanted to give his xperia phone to me but I don't like using it because it's too sleek. Besides I am still enjoying his birthday gift for me, which is the blackberry phone. But later on I feel needy and asked him if I can change my phone on my birthday. My husband didn't agree at first but due to my persuasion he gives up. HAHA SPOILED WIFEY ALERT! So I told him, it would be my birthday wish instead since he's asking what I want for my birthday. But came June, no new phone exist! *Sad Face*

Whenever we talk over skype he kept on teasing me about my wish and I was like, "wag mo na akong paasahin hmft" and he will just keep on laughing and told me just wait and maybe my wish will come true. Of course it is not easy to keep on waiting because I don't want to be disappointed. Then he asked me how much does it cost here and we'll compare prices if it's cheaper to buy here or abroad. (TIP: It is cheaper to buy gadgets at Saudi compare here). I was about to loose hope because a month already passed.

And thennnnnnnnnnnn tadaaaaaaaaaah! A package couple of days ago arrived because someone take a vacation who happens to be residing at Batangas too, one of his colleagues there. Wish granted!

So goodbye blackberry and welcome android! :) I'm still checking out the phone's features and I kind of feel tricky with this one because of the apps and it needs to be rooted first for me to be able to fully enjoy the applications. And oh, reminds me, I'll be updating my instagram account since I do have an instagram app now so FOLLOW me: iamsweetbie. Until next time!

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