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I love Goldilocks Polvoron and even if it's pricey once I feel like I wanted one, I always buy a pack of it. My hubby also loves eating Goldilocks Polvoron too. But let me share you something today. Something that is nutritious more of for pregnant women and those who have skim milk leftovers. "Leftovers" yes, we will do a little bit of invention here, precisely an alternative to the usual skim milk ingredients of Polvoron. Ready?

Today I will share you my recipe of homemade polvoron. Before, my mom used to make polvorons and we sell it for Php1.00 so we can have additional income. But that was way before, when ingredients like sugar were not that pricey. Nowadays, a polvoron is worth Php5.00 and it's even a smaller one.

Why is it a healthy snack then? Because I use a skim milk which has folate. I was prescribed to take Nestle's Mom & Me Milk but I didn't like the taste of it. I bought a box and I just tried twice but I didn't really like smell and taste so I told mom that I don't want to continue drinking it anymore and I'll just stick to Anmum. I didn't know that mom and I have the same idea. An idea to turn it to something we can digest. So we made polvoron out of it! 

1 cup of Mom & Me Milk (it is not necessary to use this milk, the original one was the "skim milk" which you can buy at groceries or local stores or try out other milk as long as it is in solid form or what they called "skim")
1/2 cup of refined white sugar
2 tbsp of margarine

How to prepare:
Preheat pan and add up the milk and the sugar. Stir it until it is well mixed. Add the margarine and mixed well until it is a little bit brownish. Let it cool for 5 minutes before wrapping it up. You can also put it in the refrigerator if you want. Enjoy eating!

This recipe makes 35 pieces already.

It's to simple right? I do hope you can enjoy your simple dessert for a day. So for those who also have a hard time drinking their pregnancy milk, turn it to something delicious like this and just buy what you preferred instead of just stashing it away on the garbage bin.

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  1. What about classic polvoron from goldilocks is it healthy?


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