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A newly opened tea shop near Red Ribbon caught my eye last week and I was curious about the place because there were teenagers who always spent time their afternoon there and have a refreshing drink. I am not a fan of tea drinks nor coffee. But recently, I told myself that there's no harm on trying to visit the place and see what's in store.

Even the name itself doesn't ring a bell. Haven't heard the name of the shop everywhere. And I look for other branches on google but can't find one. I was hesitant to ask the crews so I just have to save it for my next visit hopefully with my taste buddy. The place is just a small one and I take a picture of the counter menu while I was waiting for my order. As you can see, they have 4 variety to choose from: Milk Tea, Frappe, Fruit Tea and Tea Fusion. They are also offering add ons like pearl and crystals. You can also opt for an additional whip cream on your frappe but I decided not to and just add up crystal instead.

Great ambiance for a small meeting place and you can have a relaxing place if you want to read a book while sipping your glass of healthy drink. That gives me an idea that I might be able to visit the place again if I wanted to read a book outside instead of going to SM at Starbucks which is nearly crowded compare to this one. Here's another shot of the shop, wherein they have a board of notes written in a leaf shape paper.

I decided to try their cookies 'n cream frappe. I used to order this flavor whenever I visit a cafe. It looks just a little bit simple because I didn't add a cream on it. I just want to try if it tastes just right for my tastebud before really indulging myself. This costs Php75.00 already in medium size and I add up a crystal for Php10.00. Thirst quencher indeed! I like the mixture because I can taste every bit of it's flavor and the cookies were crush into bits unlike other cookies 'n cream I've had before. Compare to my favorite Zagu, this is really a replacement although it's a bit pricey!

Cookies 'n Cream Frappe | TeaLeaves | Php75.00
Maybe the place would be a little cooler if they also serve atleast cakes or pasta but there's no such. Good thing there's  Red Ribbon nearby. And Red Ribbon doesn't have cool drinks aside from soft drinks so they benefit from each other. I'll be visiting this place again soon and I'll definitely bring my kindle along with me.

Have you tried this out yet? If not, would you like to try their menu? Which one will you choose from? Share your story with me.

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