I WON: Reader of the Month for July

I must admit that being back to blogging is not really my intention. One night, I was desperately looking for promos or freebies from online websites so I can have free samples or free products without spending too much money on it. Making reviews wasn't even on mind back then. But I stumble upon this website called "SampleRoom" wherein registered users were given a chance to "Try Before You Buy". So I carefully read the instructions but I wasn't that interested at all because my main goal is look for promos and freebies.

Curiosity kept me on going and decided to switch on partner bloggers. So I learned about this girls who are given the opportunity to review their products but I really dunno what's the deal. I check the bloggers one by one and see if I can learn something from them. I notice that all of them were beauty bloggers, making reviews on every beauty products, making vlogs, unboxing and the likes, which is not really my genre. Till I landed on Genzel's Page. Her page is also a beauty blog but I've seen some of her posts were into food, personal, technology, etc. Hmm, this is quite interesting for me. I also notice that she was giving prizes for those who spend time reading and commenting on each of her blog post. Well, I am not the type of person who'll do an extra effort to follow someone and make blog comments just so I can a prize. She has lots of followers and readers so the chance of winning was not really a higher one plus I am just about to start stalking her blog posts.

But day by day I got addicted reading her blog posts. Reading is my hobby and spending a lot of time online is my daily routine. Whenever I like her posts, I can't help but press the comments button. I don't just give out comments if I didn't read the entire post or I didn't like the post as well. I even scanned her blog posts from previous months and so on because I find it really interesting. From that day on, she became my inspiration and that was the day I started blogging again. 

So my agenda of having freebies turned out to awaken my senses again into writing. I am not perfect, I have typo error, grammatically incorrect, name it but I don't care as long as I can express myself with what I write and share.

I haven't noticed that time flies so fast and I have been exchanging comments with other bloggers who also stumble upon my new bloggie. I was indeed happy whenever I got a comment or two. Much more delighted when I got good feedbacks from them and not just leaving out a "hi" and "hello" on my page. So I was more diversified to make my blog more helpful or informative as much as I can be besides from sharing my precious moments with them.

Then one day Genzel sent me a message on facebook. "I made a new blog post, hope you'll check it". So I was like, hmm, she's not just posting on facebook but she also PMed bloggers as well when she got new posts? So I check her page that night using my mobile. I saw her blog post about the trio giveaway and they have one winner already. I told myself that it wasn't me because I didn't do all the necessary task if I am not mistaken. So I sent her a message back. "Checked it already sis", something like that I hardly remember. But I still asked myself, why did she have to sent me a message just because of that? So I immediately turn on my laptop and check her page again and I was like, "oh my god! Saw ittttttttttt na! I was chosen as the ROM or Reader of the Month". YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! So I sent her a message again saying thank you so much and so on... I follow her instructions on how to claim the prize but I was sadden by the fact that I can't use the products because I am pregnant so I just told her to just give it away to the other one. But she is more polite than I could ever imagine, she still wants to send me the prize and just advise me to use them after giving birth or give it to a family member or a friend. Maybe I was too overwhelm by that time that I didn't think of that option so I politely reply on her email again and send my shipping details.

It's almost a week when I got the package because I opt to send them at my friend's house because there is no door-to-door delivery at my address and couriers are not sending parcels on our area. (yes! poor me on that part!). Right after I got home my mom was eager to see my prizes because she's curious on the prize as well. So I told her to open it up and she wants to use the soaps already! haha! And here's what I got !!!

What's inside: infracyte skin care products in sample bottles; 2 pcs of beauty and bright soaps in different variants; nyx glitter gel; iphone case and her cute note for me :)
The good news is the soaps included is an organic one so it is safe for me to use them. Thank you for the information Genzel. I truly appreciate it, in fact I will use one of it by tomorrow and hopefully this will be an additional to my reviews as well. I decided to give the iPhone case to my dear friend Jam since it's her birthday last week and I wasn't able to come because she's too far from me. The Nyx Gel hopefully will be included in my first ever giveaway when the time comes, this will be a bit of surprise and will not be announced here just to add a thrill. :) I wanted to pass my blessings on others so I decided to give back as the old saying goes "Pay It Forward".
Thank you so much Ms. Genzel for this sweet prize I got just by reading your blog and participating on the comments section. I can't believe that I got my first prize after a month of being back into blogging again. Now I can say that "swerte talaga ang buntis". Goodluck on your blog and continue to inspire bloggers like me! :)

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