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I've been working at oDesk since 2010 as a part time contractor since I am still working in a company by that time. I learned about this site from a colleague who's only staying at home together with his wife and both of them works on oDesk as an article writer and a data entry contractor. I was interested by the fact that you can earn as much just like the amount of money you earned working from an office. Immediately, I ask for him to help me out and ask tips on how to get a job.

I ended up trying part time jobs at first. November 2010 if I am not mistaken was the first time I tried working for a client and the only task he had given me is to perform a typing speed test for him, assuring that I will have 99.9% result. I did try for about 15 times and luckily after several attempts I won. He paid me for less than a dollar and the contract was ended. Just simple as that. After that I received a nice feedback and look for another job again. The second one was posting on facebook for an hour. Again the payment was not that high but I was able to have a good feedback which is great for a starter like me.

By 2011, I got number of clients piled up and even got 2 contracts at a time having different tasks and positions. Rate was above $1.50 per hour and the task were simple. Position varies from VA to Admin Assistant then SEO. I was beyond happy that I received a weekly payment from this clients and even got bonus. I was able to pay my internet bill and help mom by giving allowance that she can use at home. This is my only source of income because I already resigned from the company. I was able to buy my own food and clothes and the likes. Working at home makes me feel like I was just playing around while earning money.

By 2012 I got two part time job and the tasks were only minimal. The great part of working on oDesk during this time was the chance to work with the Google Team. I will make a separate post about this experience and earned a lot from them aside from learning too much information. Now I was able to see my earnings for the past years and got $2155.54 which is Php80,000+. Now I am asking myself where the heck did I spent that huge amount of money? HAHA But the thing is, I was able to earn that amount by just staying at home and spend most of my time in front my laptop. A lot of you who is not into working online might not believe it at first or would be interested but not willing to try. Aside from earning I was able to help out my friends to be in this kind of venture too. They are also home-based workers now and even got higher salary compare to mine. Yay! But it's okay as long as I've helped them earn while they take care of their kids at home or eased up their work life balance I am also happy with what they have.

Now while I am waiting for my baby to arrive I was able to juggle up being a mom and working at the same time. I can help hubby for our family expenses and also my own expenses without the need of asking money from him if ever I wanted something. I will be able to cater my baby while I also earn at home. Working online did not make me regret my decision from the past. It makes me live independently and productive.

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