Buntis Diaries: Gaining Weight

I'm skinny no matter what food I eat and no matter how much amount I take. I was always advised to eat a lot, take vitamins, sleep early but nothing works for me. It's pretty annoying sometimes that they are really concerned with my body frame more than what I am capable of doing despite of this skinny body. But what I do? Even if I told them a million times that it's not working the way they wanted to, I can't help but just sigh.

We all know that a lot of women have this tendency to loose weight while me on the other side wanted to get their fat and just insert it with my body. If only that was easier said than done. They are into dietary schedule while I am always looking for ways to gain weight. Now I've found out one solution!

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I am always a 40. But that was way back in college. Recently I noticed that I am really eating too much! I thought it is one of the perils of being pregnant. Always hungry everytime! But it didn't really get my attention because I was used to eating a lot ever since. Now that I am visiting our local health center, I was able to watch my weight every week. I was surprised that at first I got 45 kilos on the weighing scale. So I was happy that atleast I gain weight. But now, I am closed to 50 kilos! Waaaaaa! And that was after three weeks only. So I don't know what else to do if I end up more than I expected at my next visit. I guess the vitamins is working out for me. I am just thinking on the positive side because my OB advised me to eat more because the baby is still smaller than it's age. 

Is it really normal to gain weight at that rate: a kilo every week? Or am I eating too much sweets and drinking colds that make my body gain weight faster? Whatever it is I don't want to stress out that much. I'll be asking my OB next week on my monthly prenatal check up. I just hope that by that time the baby's size progress too.

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