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I was giddy by the thought that Ate Joan will be accompanying me to see this movie "Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo". I've been looking for someone I can tag along just to be able to watch this at cinema. Fangirl attack!!! This is one of the reason why I don't like being in an LDR, hubby wouldn't be there for me whenever I need someone to have a date with.

And so early this afternoon we headed to SM Cinema 3. I was late for the appointment because of traffic and the jeepney driver seems to know that I am in a hurry that he keeps on picking up every passenger close by. Argh! Why does that happen to me all the time? Ate Joan was already there and already got foods for us even the tickets. Such a shame! hehe... Didn't I mention it's a treat? Yey, lucky preggy me! And I was still thankful that the movie haven't started at all and just about to begin in a few minutes. Whew, such a relief.

"Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo" is a movie adapted from Ramon Bautista's book starring the author itself, Kim Chiu and Xian Limm. In each scene Ramon is narrating some keypoints of the book so expect that Ramon is always on the loop playing the taxi driver and the confidante comedian one. Even at the first scene, I am already laughing while seeing Kim in that state. I know that some of you have seen the movie poster and the trailer so you guys can relate. Actually I've made this poster two weeks ago before the movie was released on cinemas. Don't laugh! haha, I was really bored by that time and I am in the mood for some editing (my second one, first was the "Crazy Little Thing Called Love").

hubby and me, role playing Alex and Sandy
Hubby kept on laughing upon seeing this as my profile picture in facebook. And he says that he wants Xian Limm now rather than Coco Martin. Sheesh, sometimes boys are too dreamy no? So much for this issue, I should be reviewing the movie and not our korni sides.

So Alex (played by Xian) was the newly appointed boss of A&I Music Company because his grandfather challenged him that he can make it the company boost up again though his father didn't quite believe in him. Sandy or Sandeng was devastated by that time because Edgardo or Gado (played by Kean Cipriano) broke up with her stashing away her new ipad gift for their 1st anniversary. Sandy worked at A&I and has a whooping record of employee of the month for three consecutive years, so imagine her hardwork and dedication that all of the work inside the company, only Sandy knows. But there is a need to cut out employees since the company doesn't afford to pay them all and one of them was Sandy. Later on, Alex found out that in order for him to accomplish the task his Lolo gave him, he needs Sandy to tag along. So they made a deal out of it. He will make Sandy recovered from her heartache promising her that she will never cry again while she help him bring back the company.

Now the exciting part was Sandy's transformation with the help of her gay brother and friends. Alex asked her brother to do a make over for Sandy. I can't find a decent photo at the internet but here's how Sandy looks like after the transformation, the first picture, from clothes to hair digiperm because Alex was too distracted with her kulot waves.
credits to Kapamilya Blogspot

She's really beautiful in the movie! I kind of a bit jealous because she's also skinny like me but she really looks good and people doesn't notice her body size that much maybe because she's an actress. That's the kind of status I really wanted wherein people wouldn't compliment my skinny figure first, but I know that in the society we live in, we can't please everybody. Sigh. Now back to the movie.

Eventually they meet different types of people and one romantic scene was their music trip while dancing in the rain. Jireh Lim was also there, since they are looking for potential artists for the company. *Spoiler! I really laugh at Sandy while she utter curse words like "Pakshit" and the likes because she was really mad at her boyfriend and the thought of having her Ipad back was giving her the energy to live by. And Alex was sooooooooooo hot! They really look good together! The chemistry is in the air and they seems to act just normal (kilig vibes!).

The conflict was when Sandy assumes that the "girlfriend" thing between her and Alex was just a part of a test, the deal, "a practical test". She assumes that they were really into that thing already and was surprised when Alex tell that in her face boldly. Aww, poor Sandeng, brokenhearted again. Little did she know that Alex was a brokenhearted man too when she met him. Alex proposed to his girlfriend but finds out that her fiance doesn't want to be committed at all so to alter his ego, he left her without even saying goodbye. In the end, Alex was the one who messed up while Sandeng is recovering from her past. 

Then Alex realize that it was Sandeng who keeps him going. Who brings back his smile again that his lolo noticed that night. So he try to win back Sandengs heart by serenading her at Buso Buso (Sandeng's hometown). Too much kilig at that last part! You really should watch the movie because I can't go on anymore and don't want to spoil you either. So I'll be saving some spots for you guys!

I'll be back soon, I just need to read the book first and share the keypoints with you! So stay tuned.

Have you watched the movie? If not, would you watch it?

Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

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