Pork Binagoongan

I am a picky eater, I must admit. I am not used to eating vegetables but sometimes I tried to, or should I say depends upon the menu. For example, I don't eat vegetables mixed in pansit but I eat vegetables in lumpiang sariwa. I dunno but I tend to eat what I wanted and ignore what I don't like to eat. Some say that that's the reason why I have this skinny body. 

Now for tonight, I noticed that it's been two weeks already and I haven't seen this menu on our table. Usually mom would cook Pork Binagoongan at lunch. I like the version of it because it is not the regular binagoongan you can order somewhere or not the Binagoongan that has coconut milk. It is easy to prepare and one time I tried to cook this dish. I call mom for the recipe and tried my luck.

1/4 kilo pork cut into cubes
1 tbsp Garlic, minced
1 pc onion, chopped
1 or 2 pc tomato, chopped  
1/2 cup of shrimp paste or red bagoong (bagoong you use for mangga, the sauteed one)
salt and pepper / 1 sachet of magic sarap
2 pcs of eggplant cut into cubes
2 cups of water 
cooking oil

1. In a pan, put the water and bring to a boil.
2. Put the pork and let it simmer until meat is tender.
3. Set aside the pork once it's tender and remove excess water in the pan.
4. Add cooking oil and sautee the garlic, onion and tomato in the pan.
Note: my mom put a lot of cooking oil because it adds moisture on the binagoongan but I opt to not put that much.
5. Add the eggplant, shrimp paste and seasoning to the pork and mix it. Simmer for 3 minutes.
6. Put it in a nice bowl and serve it!

Easy to prepare right? You can now enjoy Pork Binagoongan at the comfort of your home. I hope you guys like it! Share it with your family and let me know once you've tried this dish! Happy eating!

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