Spare a minute and get FREE Anmum Materna Milk

Reading articles about pregnancy makes me more knowledgeable aside from asking people who have been into pregnancy before. I came across Anmum Philippines because it was on the sidebar of my facebook newsfeed, a paid advertisement I assume. I wasn't drinking their Anmum Materna Milk before because there are some reviews that the taste isn't good and had a foul odor.

 I click the advertisement right away and I feel lucky that just by taking their test you will be given a free sample of their product. I carefully read the instructions and knowing that you won't pay for anything even the shipping fee makes me more excited. 

So I tried the test and see if it's true or not. By taking their 1 minute Folate Test you will be given a sample of their milk. 1 minute isn't bad right? So I answered them up and type my shipping info afterwards. Three days later, I received an email and an SMS that I have to confirm my shipping address because it is incomplete. I know for a certain that our address is a bit odd because we don't really have house # and just the Brgy. name or you can include the street name. Still, to couriers, it seems incomplete. So I replied to their SMS and email notification and just use my friend's address. A week passed and I haven't heard from them so I was expecting that it won't get through. I bought their product instead and tried it. I choose Anmum Chocolate in case I wouldn't like the taste of the plain flavor. 180g for Php 165.00 compare to Similac 10 sachets for Php 300.00. 

Maternal milk most prescribed by doctors for your baby’s proper brain and body development. It supports your healthy pregnancy because it provides you with the key nutrients which help prevent common nutritional problems and health risks during pregnancy. (excerpt from Anmum website)
My verdict? Taste good even if I scoop 4 tablespoon, it's not that bad and not that sweet. No smell at all. I drink it with hot water though a lot of them advice to drink it with cold water. I was happy that I was able to drink it and get nourished with added folate and nutrients. Still hoping that I will still get my free sample, I sent a message to Anmum Philippines Facebook page. A day after they replied that they will get through it and see what seems to be the problem. Two days later my friend send me an SMS confirming that the package arrived! Yey!
Anmum Materna Free Sample after taking the 1 minute Folate test. Costs Php 165.00 at groceries.
You can read other information about proper nutrition you will get upon drinking milk during pregnancy by visiting their website. Anmum Materna comes in different flavor, Vanilla, Chocolate and Mango. Affordable price starts at Php 165.00 (180 g), Php 348.00 (375 g) and Php 865.00 (1 kg). 

If you have a friend, mom or sister who is also pregnant tell them to take the Anmum Folate test to have a free sample! They are still giving away products or if you want you can try it out and give it to your friend, sister or mom as a simple gift. You don't just give them the nutrients they need, you also made their day and help them save a little amount of money.

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