First Starbucks Experience

It's been a long time when Starbucks Coffee Shop open a branch here at SM Batangas. I know for a fact that a Starbucks Coffee/Frappuccino is a bit pricey and since I am a price conscious I didn't have the guts to try it on my own, much more I am not into coffee. The first coffee shop I ever visited was Beanstalk back when I still working at Calamba Laguna and what I ordered there was a cookies and cream frapp and their version of carbonara which tastes good! 

But yesterday, apart from indulging ourselves with a regular size pizza at Calda Pizza (I'll make a review with this some other time), we decided to take some beverage and try out frappe at Cups and Jiggers. Apparently the frappe isn't available at that time. So as I am craving for some change, I asked my friend that we should try Starbucks this time.

Chocolate Chip Creme Frapp | Php 160.00
It wasn't my first time to enter the store but honestly it was my first time to order one! *Giggling*. So I just asked my friend to select one for me but not coffee because it really isn't my fave. She ordered two regular Chocolate Chip Creme Frappuccino and we waited for an empty table to sit in. I thought it tastes like cookies and cream but it doesn't.

According to Starbucks menu it is a rich, chocolaty mocha-flavoured sauce blended with milk, chocolate chips and ice. Topped with sweetened whipped cream and a delicious chocolate-flavoured drizzle. Not that sweet for me, not even taste like coffee. But at the end of it, it's not that good afterall. All I uttered was "mapait". I wouldn't sip the latter next time! Still, I wanted to try out other frappuccino's next time. :) I wondered why they didn't cater to add some pasta or sandwiches on their menu.

Starbucks | July 7, 2013
This is my first Starbucks experience so I took a picture of myself since there are a lot of people who take selfies with Starbucks coffee and I dunno why. Spare me for this selfie pose!

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  1. i don't always order in Starbucks too ^^ im not really into drinks. i always prefer water. but when i go there i order their deserts. they have really good ones, maybe you can try them next time :) they also have sandwiches pero parang bihira kase everytime i go there kulang kulang sila :)

    1. Haven't tried their sweets yet, maybe next visit I might order one. :) What I saw last time was a blueberry cheesecake if I'm not mistaken. Maybe I'll google first what are the in's and out in Starbucks before finally indulging myself to something.


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