Paypal Verification and Smart Money

Since I am into online home-based job and online buying I need to have a paypal for some of my online purchases and instant withdrawals. But having a paypal account has limits also. You are allowed to use a free and unverified paypal account but a $500 withdrawal and sending limit is waived. After 5 years, I think that having a verified account is what I should aim.

It took me so long before actually verifying my account because I have other ways of spending my paypal money and it's easy to create new ones once I almost reached a limit. I can still remember that I have one paypal account which is on hold with a $1.50 balance because I already used up my limits. Poor me, atleast it's only a small amount compared to those who are scammed online or even hacked.

Obviously I don't have a credit card on hand and my husband doesn't want me to use his credit card afraid that I may purchase something online. Lol! Good thing is I can still verify my account using Smart Money card which can be availed on Smart Wireless Centers with easy requirements needed. You just have to present a valid ID, a working smart sim and your appearance. With a Php 120.00 payment for the card and Php 200.00 Smart Money load, you can now verify your paypal account. Take note that your card number should start in 5299 67* for successful linking of your Smart Money card to your paypal account.

Now here's how:
  1. Please make sure that the details you use (your name, address) on your paypal account is exactly the same with your Smart Money card details to ensure the efficiency and smooth transaction.
  2. Since your Smart Money card is already preloaded with Php 200.00, for verification of paypal, you need to unlocked the Internet Transactions first. Just text INTERNET and send to 343. Take note that this charge Php 2.50 per SMS and it will be locked again after 30 minutes.
  3. Now go to your paypal account and click "Get Verified" then add up your Smart Money card type, card number and expiry date.
  4. You will receive an email confirmation of this transaction and you will also have the expuse code sent through SMS which will be use later for the final verification. A Php 150.00 will be deducted to your Smart Money card but the Php 100.00 will be refunded to your paypal account afterwards.
  5. Once the expuse code is sent on your sim, go to paypal website again and login your details. Click "Get Verified" and you will be asked for the expuse code, normally in 4 digits. Once entered you will received a note that your paypal account is now verified and they removed your withdrawal and sending limits.

Easy right? There are other ways or alternatives to use for paypal verification. To name a few are, BDO KoKard, Union Bank Eon (highly recommended) and RCBC My Wallet.

Do you have a paypal account? Is it verified or not? What did you use for your paypal verification?

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  1. i dont have an active PayPal account atm but im thinking of getting one soon for online shopping ^^ thanks for sharing this :D

    btw did you change your blog layout? i like it :)

    1. I don't have a Paypal atm account sis, just an online paypal account for purchases and work online since a lot of them were paying through paypal. You can get it free by signing up at

      Thanks for the compliment! Did you like it better than the old one? I like to have a clean slate blog that's why I change it last night out of boredom.

    2. yup i like this better than the last one ^^ very clean and fresh, the color theme matches your profile pic pa :)

    3. Yay thanks Shayne. I'll stick to this one now :)

  2. Wow, I don't know this. I'll suggest this to my boyfriend since he's sharing his paypal earnings with mine and I'm just so OC to have our payments separated :D

    Thanks for sharing this dear :)

    1. No problem. Encourage your "le bf" to open up a SmartMoney card or EON (much better) account for his paypal earnings. Let me know if you have questions though about verification purposes. I'll be glad to help you out.


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