Just because I am an Avon Lady now!

I've been an Avon consumer for the last 5 years. Most of my intimate apparels and some of my cosmetics are from Avon products. Why? Because their intimate apparels (Missy collections) are really worth it though some items are pricey, still, they last long! The garter itself is not as lousy as the ones bought in some stores or other brands. I dunno, but for me, Avon intimate apparels becomes my addiction. One more thing, their products are payable within 1 month so it's really a plus for me.

Today, I decided to be a part of Avon, for personal use or perhaps maybe I can also sell their products to my cousins and friends. I can also avail discounts on my purchases plus the benefit of product sales. I registered with the help of Ate Joan and instantly got my credit line of Php 1000 plus a starter kit or what they call a freebie.

Here's what I got upon registering to Avon (a) my temporary ID and Avon starter manuals (b) Freebie: Avon vanity kit + Sweet Honesty deodorant and powder
How to join? Bring 2 copies of 1x1 picture, proof of billing and 2 valid ID. Initially, you will be asked to purchase an amount equal to your credit line and you will received your freebie and be registered with Avon Team. So there's really no registration and you got free items plus the discount from your purchases. 

Since I have to purchase Php 1000 worth of Avon products, I decided to pick (a) Sleepwear which will be useful for me because of my current state (b) deodorant and lotion for mom (c) Holy Mary Water Font as a gift for my mother in law who will be having her 62nd birthday this 15th of July and (d) a lip defining pencil, BB Cream and body wash for my personal use.

Simply pretty BB Cream and Lip Defining Pencil, Skin So Soft Body Wash
I simply add them to my purchase because I wanted to try their BB Cream and Body Wash. The Lip Defining Pencil is just a plus because my friend insist that I should also use this before applying a lipstick! Poor me, I just put my lipstick on and don't care about the lines hahaha! I'll definitely make a review once I started using their products. I need to ask my OB first before trying this ones because it might not be good for pregnant women like me. 

So to sum it up, it costs Php 1500 but I only got them for Php 1000. See, I got Php 500 discount already upon availing this products and I don't have to pay them in cash. Being a part of Avon is not just for selling, but also, it can help you guys save money if you are always buying their products from someone you know. So why not join? Be a part of Avon Team.

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  1. My mom used to be part of Avon when she was still here in the country. I always wanted to sign up for myself but it's always out of my way whenever I pass by their branch here in molino. I might drop by anytime this week. I feel encouraged with this post :D Thanks sis :)

    1. If you regularly purchase Avon products then I advice you to be a member too. :) You'll get discount and a privilege at their sale products. Just remember to bring your requirements or ask someone you know who's also an Avon lady to accompany you with the registration. :) And oh, get ready for the purchase. I spent half hour choosing what to purchase at my first visit.

    2. If you are also using Avon products it is indeed a good thing to be the member of their team because you will have discounts upon purchasing plus you can also earn money by selling Avon products to your friends. Imagine the 25% discount you can avail, much more the privilege to be first to know their sales updates.


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