Buntis Diaries: Changes During Pregnancy

I got that term "Buntis Diaries" from Rica Peralejo after reading some of her posts after she realized that she was expecting. Before I got pregnant I have certain questions that always ring a bell in my head and even asks some moms who have been into pregnancy issues. While still in doubt, somehow I manage to got answers on some of my questions but still some were left unanswered.

Morning Sickness
This is the first question I have in mind and also from time to time people would ask me how my pregnancy is and if I have morning sickness. I don't. Aside from dizziness three times in a month during 5 o'clock in the afternoon (well that was before, I didn't know that I was expecting that time), I haven't had any other morning sickness at all. I wasn't even craving nor vomiting at a certain smell. I came to conclusion that maybe my husband was the one who's in this state because I happen to sleep at his left side, na kailangan ko pang lumakdaw sa kanya para makababa ako ng kama. The "lakdaw" old saying says that the morning sickness will then be transferred to that person.

The Bump
Of course one indication that you are expecting is the continuing grow of your bump. Literally when someone notice that you are having a large abdomen, all they utter is "buntis ka ba?". But for apparent reasons, they smile and asks me this question whenever they see, "buntis ka ba talaga? bakit malaki pa ang tiyan ko sayo". Kidding aside and I know that jokes are always half-meant, I told them YES. With my body built, in small figure, I didn't have that large bump after all. I am near 6 months but my bump looks like a 3 month old only. 

Skin, Hair and Body Changes
While I enjoy the premise of having a fairer glowing skin, my hair is a total mess. Well atleast I don't have acne or any skin problems afterall which is great because some of pregnant women usually rant about this. Lucky for me, I must say because I didn't loose that "beauty" in me while expecting that I don't have to get problems with what I eat. But my hair! I have a brittle hair now and I know that it's normal for expecting moms but I can't help but always touch my hair and have this split ends type of hair. Plus I have to cut it short because of the hot weather here. Body changes, here's the most unexpected thing that I am dealing with right now. I have to purchase extra panties in large size because my hips are bulging! Also I had to spare myself for having a breast now, lol, literally I do have breasts of course but it also grow! Surprise as I was but I don't want to end up having big breasts while having a small built! It wasn't fair indeed. And how big will this changes grow as I got nearer to 9 months? I do hope they will stop already and just add up some weigh on me so I wouldn't be tease "payat" again after pregnancy. I have also do some shopping last month because my clothes doesn't fit on me at all. Oh, poor me, I have to buy new ones in extra size and started wearing mom's old daster. I have this joke about this clothes fever: "Dhie, ang pera natin hindi basta basta mauubos, pero yung mga kasyang damit sa akin, konting-konti na lang!"

Old saying about pregnancy
From gender to practices, I got tons of advices from my tita's and mom, mother in law and cousins who have been into pregnancy before. I even have to argue with them with what I want and what they want for me. Still, the decision is ON ME and my husband. The gender issue of my baby was a bit of debate because I always wanted to have a girl, my husband wants a boy but our family told us not to speak about it and just be thankful for what will be the outcome. Yes I am thankful but I can't help but utter "girl" whenever I am asked what I want because I really wanted a baby girl long before. A baby girl is like having a sister for me, being an only girl in the family and being the youngest, I have this longing for a baby girl. I can drag her to a shopping spree, there are a lot of cute and colorful apparels for baby girls right? Now whenever someone I know sees me, they will say like this:

1. "uy parang babae ang baby mo kasi blooming ka"
2. "lalaki yan kasi di ka maarte at magaan kang kumilos"
3. "babae yan maayos ka kasi sa sarili"
4. "lalaki yan patusok ang tiyan mo e"

and I was like, okay STOP. I am a bit confuse here and I think I'll just have to wait for the ultrasound before I got my hopes high on a girl and started to believe with what others say. Still, whatever it is, a boy or a girl, we will be forever grateful for this blessing and as long as the baby is healthy, gender wouldn't be an issue for me.

Well, these are some of my rants about pregnancy. If I will be listing all of it here, a single post wouldn't satisfy. This are just the major ones and I'll try to share some from time to time.

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  1. "buntis ka ba talaga? bakit malaki pa ang tiyan ko sayo" sobrang natawa ako dito :)) Good thing you're not suffering from anything during these days of your pregnancy. I would love you to have a baby girl :D If I'll get pregnant someday (after 6 years? lol) I also want my first born, a girl :) You're right, it's like having a little sister ^_^ updates please after your ultrasound and be extra careful :)

    1. Hahaha I'm so payat girl kaya ganun reaction nila, para lang daw akong busog sa katayuan ko. :) Pero ung pusod ko super stretch na siya talaga. Thanks for the wish! Hay naku sana nga. How old are you na? Kasal muna bago baby sissy! Yep, update ko talaga what gender lalabas sa ultrasound. I'll be having my next check up on 20, so watch out!

  2. Hi sis, what a rare and a great post you have here. Natutuwa ako kapag may nababasa akong ganito aside from beauty and fashion though hindi naman ako preggy it will help me sooner if i'll get pregnant someday. Keep posting like this sweety. And perhaps you can visit my blog too and perhaps we can follow each other :)


    1. Thanks for dropping by Lhen! :) I can't think of any topic yet and I want to blog about my pregnancy life here so one day my dear baby will read it. Somehow, madami daw nakarelate when I posted this. :) You can read about my check up stories before.

      I'll visit your blog din! :)

  3. Dhie, ang pera natin hindi basta basta mauubos, pero yung mga kasyang damit sa akin, konting-konti na lang!" -- so much laugh haha! I love this blog :)

    join my Firmoo giveaway :)

    1. OMG. I am so overwhelmed with your comments with this blog entry guys! :) I am a bit stalker of beauty bloggers but I wanted my blog to be something more of ME, ranting about stuff and not just beauty products. Glad you guys made my day! Bentabols ang ibang lines. Gee! *oops sorry I am just too happy for the comments. Thanks sis Glorie for loving my blog!


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