Buntis Diaries: Gender of my Baby

I know some of you already know that I am wishing for a baby girl while my hubby is teasing me that this will be a baby boy. Some of my friends say that it's a boy and some would utter it's a girl because my radiant glows inside out. Last Wednesday I had my ultrasound and my follow up check up this month. The first thing was to have my ultrasound since I already asked for my doctor's request to have one and to know the gender of my baby right away. I already posted this news on my facebook account but I know that readers of my blog are not one of my account's follower so might as well share the news here too. 

Forgive me for this post but I am just really excited to spread the news since it is my first pregnancy and I am a proud mom-to-be here.

So here's the result of my ultrasound. Have you already guessed what the gender is by just looking at this picture? If not, then I have a small riddle for you and I bet this will give you a clue to the answer! Just carefully read the riddle. I am so much happy with the result and I sent an SMS to my hubby right away knowing that he is still asleep for an overtime work.

In mommy's belly I will grow.
Tiny fingers and tiny toes.
Some don't know what my gender will be..
Although you might already see.
Guess if I'm a girl or boy.
I'm sure either way, you'll jump for joy.
Read this poem with great care.
Look really close, but please don't share

Thank you Dear God for this wonderful blessing!

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  1. oooo i cant tell, is it a girl? :)

    1. Yes Shayne! :) Read first letters of the riddle downwards to reveal the message :p

  2. Oh it's a GIRL! Congrats Rubie.

    By the way its me kaguvkov at MC, just checking your blog.

    See you around.

    1. Thanks! Haven't see you around MC yet but thanks again for blog hopping :)


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