Dengue: how to increase your blood platelet

Since it's rainy season again, a lot of children are suffering from Dengue Fever. Earlier I visited one of my niece Nochelle (hubby...

Since it's rainy season again, a lot of children are suffering from Dengue Fever. Earlier I visited one of my niece Nochelle (hubby's side) at the hospital because she was diagnosed positive with Dengue fever. I wouldn't be surprised anymore because MIL told me last week that there have been reported incidents of students from their school that were also diagnosed with Dengue. So the school premises is a danger spot now. 

Symptoms of dengue includes high fever, nausea, headache and low blood platelet count. I learned this from my colleague who was also diagnosed 3 years ago and we just notice some rashes in his skin which is as far as I know the signal of blood platelet problem.

So before going straight to the hospital, I ask mom to accompany me and buy some vanilla ice cream at McDonalds. Yes, vanilla ice cream with no chocolate syrup.

I bought three cups of it as I know that this ice cream is one of the foods prescribed by doctors when a patient who has dengue suffers from low blood platelet count. Learned this thing when my cousin and my my god daughter Angel was also admitted to the hospital due to dengue. I really don't know the connection of vanilla ice cream and platelet count but I know for sure that this will help increase platelet count. Aside from this, you should also drink Blue Gatorade from time to time or eat oranges. Patients suffering from dengue tends to be free from fever first and the only thing they needed to monitor is the blood platelet count so it is indeed a must that one must know how to increase them before they drop real low. A normal blood platelet count is 150 and above. Though the most effective solution is the tawa-tawa leaf, I know that youngsters wouldn't drink the leaf juice so I really advice that a vanilla ice cream + gatorade should be given.

Thanks God she eat the ice cream right away and she doesn't have a fever now. The doctor will just monitor her blood platelet count twice a day to see if it gets back to normal and hopefully she will be fine by Wednesday.

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  1. oh my god this is so surral. I am hardly a sickly person but every time i get hospitalized, it'd be because of dengue!!

    If only I knew vanilla ice cream from mcdo was the key!!!

    Kumiko Mae

    1. oh my, now you know what to do next time. :) How many times have you been diagnosed with dengue? I heard that dengue comes from time to time when you had your first. Sucks.

      Thanks for dropping by! Nice name!

  2. I had Dengue once. I should have eaten that sundae.

    1. Now you can share the information with your friends or relatives when they got dengue, but hopefully they won't. :)

  3. wow...amazing...i will introduce this to all my friends and family...

  4. According to what I have researched , "Vanilla Ice Cream.T say it helps in blood regeneration since it's rich in Vitamin K and Calcium."


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