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Rating: ★★★★ ★ || Price : ₱ 149 || Size: 25 ml each bottle || Repurchase: ☑ YES ☐ NO I am not used to 3-in-1 beauty essentials beca...

Rating: ★★★★ || Price: ₱ 149 || Size: 25 ml each bottle || Repurchase: ☑ YES ☐ NO

I am not used to 3-in-1 beauty essentials because my skin doesn't have any problems at all ever since. All I use is Eskinol Pimple Fighting Cleanser with Dalacin C to cleanse my face. But since I am pregnant I should be avoiding chemical products. I was at Watsons earlier to look for organic shampoo and a cetaphil toner that I can use for removing my make up. Everytime I ask a clerk about cetaphil, they were like "What's that?" so I just look it out for myself.

Cetaphil is doctor's recommended according to some moms but still, I wanted to see the product and read the label first before buying one for myself. Surprisingly, a cetaphil toner has methylparaben which is not safe for pregnant women though it is mild. Most of cosmetics has a paraben ingredient which is consider harmful but studies show that methylparaben is not yet confirmed to be safe or not though it is usually link with breast cancer. And then a sales clerk approach me and told me that I should use Celeteque instead since I am pregnant. I immediately look for a toner but it's too big and cost ₱ 70 if I am not mistaken. Then this travel kit caught me off guard.

See, it's a 3-in-1 in a cute size, 25 ml each bottle which is just great for a starter like me. I am not really into night regimen but I badly need this products for my cleansing or removing make up. This is also a perfect fit because this 3 regimen is safe for my baby and not that pricey for a price conscious like me. This pack includes Facial Wash, Toner and Moisturizer. The box is sealed with a stamped that we shouldn't purchase it if sealed is broken. Directions for use is also indicated in the box as well as the ingredients of the products. And there is no paraben listed, which means it is really safe for me to use!

Inside the box were this item.

1) Facial Wash -  It is watery and not that foamy but I like the effect of it after washing my face. A small pea size amount is just right to cleanse my face and neck.
2) Toner -  It is alcohol free! After washing your face, this toner will help you get rid of excess dirt or make up. But you need to drop some more in your cotton balls because the bottle doesn't drop off fluid that fast compare to Eskinol.
3) Moisturizer -  It is water based and oil free. A regimen wouldn't be complete if you will not apply the facial moisturizer. It in crystal color like a mucus and a bit watery like a sanitizer. A small amount is just right for face and neck too. After using it, I notice that my face is soft and I feel refresh from a day's activity. I like the effect of this products on my face as it leaves me a soft, not itchy, not too fragrant, and a refreshing skin before going to sleep.

Still, I will not use them as a regular beauty regimen, I'll just use them whenever I go out and applied make up on my face. And with that usage I think this little containers would last for 2-3 weeks. I think I'll be looking out for a Celeteque BB cream next time so that my beauty essentials will be in line!

This containers fit perfectly in my beauty kit, a travel size indeed! So I can carry them whenever I have an overnight with my in-laws or have to go somewhere and spend a trip. What I like most in this product is that they stamped out manufacturing and expiry dates on each bottle so that we are more aware of when to throw them up and not use them at all.

Available at Watsons Store nationwide, Malls and leading drugstores. You can visit Celeteque's Facebook page HERE and be updated with their products or visit their website for more information.

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  1. I love Celeteque too. This is a good deal. I don't want to buy full sizes then ending with not using the product anymore. It's such a waste of money. Goog thing Celeteque came up with this :)

    1. So true. I don't want to waste money too on things that I cannot use after 1 day. So I really look for a smaller size whenever I try new products. :)

  2. I really envy people who don't have skin problems. I haven't tried celeteque yet because my derm provides my skincare products and they are the only ones that kept my skin clear for the longest time. But my sister used this before and she says it is actually very gentle on the face. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

    1. True it really softens skin :) If you are not afraid of trying out something maybe you should try Celeteque products for a week. You would notice that in just one day of use, if you already have skin irritation, then stop using it. I don't like going to derma because sometimes it tends to bring the skin problems more plus it's too pricey for me. Since I don't have much problem with the skin aside from one or two zits before I got my monthly period then I don't feel the urge of going to derm.

  3. i think you made a smart purchase here rubie, how much did it cost? i like this brand because it is good and not very expensive, i am currently using their facial scrub and it is taking forever for me to use it all up ^^

    1. Only cost Php 149.00 and I already got 3 bottles in 50 ml each, so more likely 50 each bottle. Have you already written a review with their facial scrub? Yesterday Celeteque give freebies to 1000 players in their facebook account but I wasn't able to answer all their questions :p That's one of my problem why I don't like purchasing big bottles or sachets because it will also took me forever to use them up.

    2. wow thats a good deal! sayang im not active in facebook, i am either always late or i miss the great news there ^^

    3. Oops sorry, 25ml each bottle lang pala. :) Anyway, there will be more promos coming ahead so watch out :)


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