Magical BB Cream #2

Monday, June 24, 2013

Warning: This is a replica version only. The seller has nothing to do with this review nor am I trying to sell out this version for my readers. Try it on your own risk.

I bought Magical BB Cream (a replica only) and Max Factor Pan Stick from Silvertoesz OnlineShop and was surprised to received my package with extra freebies (a sample of Clinique cream and 2 cracking nail polish in blue and pink hues). I switch to BB Cream and give it a try because I am not satisfied with Ponds Cream anymore. My face isn't oily but pressed powders are not good when applied to my face so ever since, I am really using a cream before applying my usual blush on.

I simply got a BB Cream #2 for Php60.00 not reading any reviews of it as I know that every person have different skin tone and pigmentation so what's good or bad for them, will be unlikely good or bad for me too.

This is my first ever BB Cream so I have nothing to compare but I was really glad I did try it. I still have this now and I haven't emptied out the container. Haha.. Yeah, I know I am really not applying too thick on my face, just to blend out a little before applying blush on then adding a powder so finish the look. So the verdict? It blended beautifully and evenly on my face, covered well (enough for me, but you can always use your usual application, thick or thin, it's really up to you) and hides out blemishes even without a concealer.

 I only dub a small amount of BB cream everytime I use it just enough to even out my face. No greasiness or sticky feeling. It dries out easily and nicely, plus a soft finish on my skin. What I like about it is it's perfect for daylight and people won't notice you're on creams.

I really love the result plus it has an SPF of 30++ and has vitamin E. Great isn't it? For a lesser price compared on other high end BB Creams which doesn't suit well to many skin types, I guess I'll be sticking to this BB Cream for awhile and try out the high end ones after emptying this bottle. 

Side effects after using it: NONE (read warning note before trying) and to my delight my skin becomes soft and not dull. May kinis effect!

Currently, this BB Cream is out of stock already at Silvertoesz OnlineShop but you can try out her branded cosmetics including Clinique, Mac, Nyx and Revlon to name a few. And oh, she's having her CLEARANCE SALE right now! So hurry up and grab some items.

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