Ever Bilena Extreme Shine Lipstick | 703 and 711

Mom was eager to buy a shade of red (seriously?) lipstick because she's always bragging that her lipstick wasn't red at all. So one time, as we waited for a cousin to buy some stash in SM Department store, I ask mom to choose one and I'll buy it for her. We tried several lipstick even the recommended "Ever Bilena Magic Lipstick" but still mom wasn't satisfied. Till we came across "Ever Bilena Extreme Shine Lipstick".

Ever Bilena Extreme Shine Lipstick #703 & #711
I on the other hand wants something that smells good and not so bright but not so pale at all. So we tested this two and we love it! Mom got #711 which is in bright red, smells good and pigment. Vibrant color and last long for five hours without eating but you can also reapply if you want. Shiny and affordable for only Php 75.00. 

 Ever Bilena Extreme Shine stash and samples when applied
I got the other one, #703, which I really like since I don't have to apply a lip balm first or apply a gloss after. It is shiny already and the scent is so sweet, smells like a watermelon or something that I wanted to eat it. LOLJK. I prefer this over Avon Lipstick Berry Orange. It is also pigmented one but it's smooth finish spice up my lips. A not so pale but not so bright lipstick shade just perfect for a daylight getaway. It doesn't make my lips choppy at all because of it's pigments, leaving a soft and supple lips. Lasts long and creamy texture. Also affordable at only Php75.00 plus it's available locally, on Watsons and leading stores nationwide.

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  1. I love the 703! :D Thanks for sharing this dear :) I discovered EB because of my mom :)


    1. Yeah, I read about your review on 703 :) And that was the cue for me to follow your blog posts. Avid fan na ako! :) thanks for dropping by!


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