Free First Pair of Glasses from Firmoo

Duh, I wish I could have one but unfortunately I can't right now. :) Well, first let me give you an intro about Firmoo. Through blog hopping, I came across about this Firmoo Giveaway from Genzel and visit the site for more information. 

So Firmoo is giving away first pair of glasses for FREE! Yes, it's free and you can also avail their free shipping promo if you're a resident of US (for every $39 or more) and outside US (for $55 or more). Currently, sunglasses and goggles are only free for bloggers who've been invited to join their Free Trial! 

Credits to Firmoo (complimentary cases, cleaning cloth and other accessories included in your free pair purchase)
Indulging myself last night at the sight of their glasses, I bookmarked this one! A semi-rimless eyeglasses in pink color.

Credits to Firmoo (Stand out in the crowd! The high grade metal that the frame is made from adds durability. The temples are made from high grade plastic to accent these full framed metal glasses. The total weight of the rectangle frame with the chip-on is about 25 grams. You can wear them inside and outside, the clip-on can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Believe the classical and generous style can add give you more confidence.)

Credits to Firmoo (a closer look of the frame)
I was eying for a computer glass but upon purchasing I need to have a prescription first since it is a requirement for them to give me the right glasses for my eyes. Also, I found out that since I am residing outside US territory, I am entitled for a $18.75 shipping fee which is a bit pricey for me to purchase. If you're also like me, a price conscious, you can have your hopes up again by participating in their "Lucky Draw" simply sharing this news to your facebook profile or twitter account. You can also visit Firmoo in Facebook & Firmoo in Twitter for more information. Grabs yours now!

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