Pizza cravings made easy

Every month there isn't a time I didn't crave for pizza even at those times I am not pregnant. Pizza delivery is not possible during late night so instead, I make my own version of pizza just to satisfy my craving. Everytime I go to the grocery, I make sure that there is a Gardenia bread in my list. I love the taste and softness of bread plus I don't have to consume it all in just one day. I can always have a fresh bread for 5-6 days. It's a bit pricey compare to other breads but the quality and it's nutrients is worth it. I can have the classic bread with or without a spread. 3 slices of Gardenia bread makes me full already.

Since I love to prepare easy recipes, I use Gardenia as my dough to have instant pizza; a ham & cheese and my version of italian pizza with cheese toppings only. 

I use Del Monte Quick 'n Easy for the sauce. There are two variety the Del Monte Italian Pizza Sauce and Del Monte Sweet Pizza Sauce. 1 pouch of each sauce can make 10-12 servings which is good for family instant merienda.

To prepare the Gardenia Pizza:
Ingredients: 1 pack of 400g Gardenia Classic, 4 slices of ham, Eden cheese, Del Monte Italian / Sweet Pizza Sauce
1. Heat oil in pan. Cook ham and cut it into squares.
2. Slice cheese into square or prepare grated cheese.
3. Spread the pizza sauce into every slice of Gardenia Classic bread.
4. Add toppings, cheese and ham or grated cheese. You can also use hotdog slices if you want.
5. Toast bread slices until slightly brown in color. Served into slices or slice bread into halves.

Instant pizza is DONE. Now you can enjoy pizza which is not just healthy but also a delicious treat everybody will love. Happy eating everyone!

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