Fire Prevention Month 2023

March is one of the hottest months of the year and it marks the beginning of the summer season in the Philippines. March is being observed as Fire Prevention Month here in the Philippines–a perfect time to discuss and raise awareness about the causes, hazards, and dangers of fire. Isobelle had this dream of being a firefighter when she was in her preschool years. They have this career day wherein they will present their chosen career and introduce themselves to the class. I asked my classmate who is a Fire Officer to lend us a uniform so we can have a costume perfectly fit for the event. She is also fond of watching nursery rhymes and episodes wherein firefighter is being shown.

BFP Batangas Provincial held a Mall Exhibit at SM City Batangas on March 10,2023. In line with the observance of Fire Prevention Month with the theme: "Sa Pag-iwas sa Sunog, Hindi ka Nag-iisa".,BFP Batangas Province invites (Grades 1-10 students from public and private schools), the said exhibit will display the different Uniforms worn by the BFP personnel, as well as the Fire, Rescue and Emergency Response Tools, Equipment and other paraphernalias. The exhibit aims to create awareness and impart information to the public and especially to the students about Fire Safety.

As part of our homeschooling activity in Araling Panlipunan Lesson "TAGAPAGLINGKOD SA PAMAYANAN / PAGTUTULUNGAN SA PAMAYANAN", one of the community helper is a firefighter so I decided to take her to the mall exhibit and see for herself the things she needs to know if she wants to be like them someday. Upon arrival at the mall I took a picture of her beside the fire truck. When we reached the activity area, I took photos of her with the mascot and showed her the different uniforms each firefighter uses. Inside, the marshalls have designated activity, tools and equipment to discuss the specific work they have in each student or guest.

One of the special skill is CPR as part of the Rescue Operation. Unaware of what was really happening, Isobelle cried out of empathy to the mannequin being revived during the discussion. She didn’t know that a firefighter also does that since mostly, in television and youtube vlogs she was watching, a firefighter only saves lives from a burning building and putting out fire. She also learned about the Investigation team wherein the marshall explained to her the importance of their duty to investigate how the fire started. The activity that she enjoyed so much was the use of an extinguisher to put out the fire but it was just water that would make a fire standee fall down. At the end of the exhibit they gave us a souvenir. It was a short trip but educational. I wish there are more activities that we can incorporate with our homeschooling lessons so we can still go out and enjoy it in the real world instead of just reading or watching it on our laptop.
You can also watch our vlog regarding this activity: Vlog

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