Welcome Year 2024

Time flies so fast that we are now at year 2024. Who would have thought that we have survive the dreaded 2020 end of the world? I realized that day by day passes on quickly before we hardly notice the changes it brought to my life when I turned 30+. Little by little I understand that life can be cruel and always bringing us so much lesson. When pandemic hits, I realized the importance of the word "self-reliant" wherein not all people would be by your side during those times that you are agitated and felt anxious with the season of sickness. By year 2021 I finally understand the word "family" and "friends" and finally embracing the word of "letting go". I gradually cutting off ties with those people who makes me feel less important in their daily life when all I do is make them my priority. 

By year 2022, I begin to accept the word "priority". I have given enough time to heal my wounds from my past and happily live in a slow living pace. I began saying "no" to people and only say "yes" to things that will make my life at peace. Feeling not guilty at all with every decision I make and no regrets with how I prioritize things. 

I also make time to my daughter and we learn about coping with each other. I was happy, I feel contented. But during those times, I also learn to manage expectations more than disappointments. Everyday is a learning process, and sometimes I feel frustrated. I started contemplating with the things and routine, without planning. I decided to continue  my vlogging or should I say my memory bank. I started to declutter my digital mess and continue learning to disengage with how things roll at social media apps. Everyday, I grow. 

By year 2024, I am still adjusting while setting boundaries to my relationships. Family, friends, acquaintances, and work-life balance. Hopefully I can live each day with a grateful heart and not live with the past anymore. I plan to read my books again. Continue watching vlogs that makes me feel inspired, going to places I've never been and brave out driving into the unknown. I wanted to write again and just randomly tackle my thoughts vividly. 

I lost a lot of connections recently, but I gain more peace in my life. 

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