Welcome 2022: Life Update and Homeschooling

It's the time of the year where everyone is just spending their time laid back reminiscing the year that pass but it didn't for some. Last year, before Christmas, some areas in PH have been devastated by the typhoon. Before 2022, some people experience the Omicron, a new variant of Covid-19 surfacing the country because of the irresponsible act of "Poblacion Girl". Some people are just like us, spent the Holidays in the four corners of our home to avoid exposure, the hassle and anxiety of going to and from just to meet family and relatives. And some are lucky to spent their lives in a luxury hotel or place after a year's hard work. We are all different. But we all ended the year 2021 and enter a new year of our lives. ALIVE! Thanks be to God!

I haven't film a vlog lately because I was preoccupied again with things that needed my time most. Work life balance, homeschooling and a new journey I'd like to share with you guys soon.

Some moms are asking me questions about homeschooling and to tell you honestly I am not a pro when it comes to this but I can only give advice that I also get from previous engagement with other homeschoolers and constant researching about it. Well, it was our first time to have a homeschool provider and now we really are grateful because our first homeschool provider is really making huge effort to reach out homeschoolers and making it easy for us to do homeschooling even for beginners. 

We are about to close our 2nd quarter with Quarterly exams and since 2022 open its door to Omicron variant, there are health break days which I am also grateful because I don't have to cram for Isobelle's exam. Aside from this, I was given ample time to adjust again even though we didn't really stop homeschooling routines. We just skip some days because I want Isobelle to take a break but still giving her worksheets and lessons when she is bored from watching her favorite tv shows. The good side of homeschooling is we are the one who holds our schedule. We don't need to adjust to certain schedules that is on top priority and we can just reschedule our exam if needed. Also, with our homeschooling provider there are available materials that we can use or tweak for our homeschooling lessons, exams and even worksheets. Accessible, economical, and easy to adapt with. Although I wanted to share our homeschooling life in a day, I always forgot to share some snippets and combine it to one vlog. But, if you are added to my personal facebook account, some of our homeschooling activities are shared via facebook stories. Maybe I can share it with Instagram stories too next quarter. 

As early as today, our homeschooling provider is accepting early enrollees for their program. SY 2022-2023 offers a different program so I am still thinking if I will be transferring to Digi Module since Open Curriculum is now on that program instead of Independent Learning Program. There will also be some changes in the payment, included freebie and the grading system. I was still weighing out things before finally reserving a slot. What I like most is the school is already responsive to every question of parents. They are also asking insights from parents that they could use to improve if there is needed to improve, to add up source materials, to listen from parents dilemma or wins and to cater the needs of every family with this homeschooling setup. 

Another life update I'd like to share is how I welcome 2022 with a new skill upgrade. Yes, a skill upgrade because I am taking up a Professional Certificate from Coursera. I will discuss the details on another blog post once I got my first certificate with them. I am 2 weeks away from finishing the first course our of 8 included in the Data Analyst course. For now, I am enjoying the learnings and new information I am getting which I didn't learn from my school before. 

Last but not the least is the faith I want to build again with God this year. I am gearing up to start my bible plan this year through Love God Greatly App, key points from Rica Peralejo Bonifacio on how to read the bible for beginners and to finally turn the pages of my Love God Grealy bible that was gifted to me last year. Even if I am just using the kindle version, I am trying to reconnect and align my spiritual soul together with the videos of preach from Pastor Jeff Eliscupidez. I am not a Christian, I am just font of listening to his preach and whenever I am finish listening to it, I got a goodnight sleep with a clear mind. My inner soul is always refresh, my anxiety is push back and my confidence to get back on track is uplifted. 

So much writing and life update at the start of the year and I really really hope that I can share a lot this year a different aspect of our life and new choices.

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