Online Distance Learning Recap

Last time I wrote about our experience with Online Distance Learning and we can't help but get more excited now that we are done in the 3rd quarter of the school year. It has been a lot of everyday experience both to teachers, parents and of course the adaptation of children with the new setup of schooling. I also wasn't expecting how really quick the children can adapt with the current setup and how passionate the teachers can be with regards to teaching methods that they provide so that the learners can still cope with everyday lessons. 

It's not just a glimpse of their everyday school activities but we also get to know how kids can really be amusing and still able to chat with their classmates despite the situation. It was a quick turnaround because we managed to finish 3 quarters by now. Minimal issues now with the app that we are using and it is mainly because of the internet issues we had in tow. 

At first I was surprised with the examination set up of the kids. We were given pointers as usual so the kids can study at home, a week long exam but a quiz beforehand. It's basically a review for the upcoming week long examination. And then on the actual exam, the kids are divided into two groups and they are taking the test in oral and written form using a whiteboard and marker. They are also asked to open the microphone just in case a parent coaches her kid while taking it. But so far so good. We are also asked if kids can use a headset so that the kids will really just listen during the exam. 

In our first quarter Isobelle got fairly scores with the subjects but got a failed grade on the English subject mainly because we weren't able to review spelling but it was a learning experience because we know for the next time we need to practice writing more. On the other hand, she was able to pass it with her reading skills. Her classmates were able to write effectively compared to her but Isobelle's reading skills were above them. You really cannot tell the development of each child unless you see them and be with them 24/7. And it's okay if one gets left behind for now because there is much room for improvement along the way. And for us, we really need to have more writing activities while some of her classmates need to read more. 

There are some activities that they need to do aside from the printed worksheets we got quarterly. They also have fair recitation everyday because they are being asked one by one. It was a nice tactic for me since everyone will get to answer on their own and wait for their turn. Everyone is given a chance to talk. And they are attentive so that means even if they have Online Distance Learning, they can adjust easily and still learn effectively. 

I am hoping that everything will be smooth sailing until the final quarter so we can pass the Pre-Elementary period this year despite the pandemic. 

How were your online classes so far? 

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