Panasonic Eneloop Rechargeable Battery

When I first learn about the Eneloop rechargeable battery I was ecstatic knowing that I really use a lot of batteries for our wall clock and for our remote control. But mind you, it is expensive. Also, I thought of having a pair since my husband is also using a headlamp that requires battery too. But I didn't purchase right after I saw it at Lazada. I ask friends who are already using it and they advice me that it is still okay to use the regular rechargeable batteries. 

Then my husband gifted me the wireless mouse so technically I really need to acquire a pair of batteries for this one or I will just buy a lot of batteries again in the near future just so I can use my wireless mouse everyday. 

I purchased my first Eneloop batteries at the official Panasonic store at Lazada and my 2nd set of batteries at Juangadget (this is not a sponsored post! but then beke nemen). I got the 2 pair of AA batteries + the wall charger. 

What I like about it is I can use the AA and the AAA for this wall charger and it is sleek. 

Here are some advantage of having a pair of Eneloop batteries

Recharge up to 2,100 times
Your initial investment is quickly recovered, with eneloop returning an impressive 2,100 charges over an average lifespan. Depending on usage, this could equal years of trouble-free service

Ready to use after 5 years in storage
Even after five years in storage, eneloop retains up to 70% of its original charge. 

Actually when I got one, the batteries are pre-charge and it lasted for a month before it got depleted. It may be expensive at your first buy and it is indeed a great saving when you calculate the cost of buying regular non rechargeable batteries. 

After being able to use the pair of AA, when Lazada got a sale, I purchased another set of AAA for the remote control and I got a free case via JuanGadgetPh. This is actually only ₱650 including the shipping fee because they deducted ₱100 for the free battery case. 

I can now easily store my Eneloop batteries that are ready when I need to change them after a month or so. 

Charging took 10 hrs or less depends on your preference but I prefer to charge it maximum so I can use it for a longer time. 

There are actually three types of Eneloop battery, one is the original Eneloop, Eneloop Pro and Eneloop Lite. 

They have a bundle promo and it is much cheaper to buy with JuanGadgetPh compare to Panasonic official store.

You can check it via Lazada or Shopee at Juangadget Store.

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