New LTO Requirements for 2021 Student Driver's Permit Application

If you have subscribed to my Youtube channel, you’ll probably know my recent achievement before the year ends. It was passing my Theoretical Driving Course at 707 Driving Academy. I opted for an online via zoom mix of physically going to the office for the final session and exam of the Theoretical Driving Course.

The recent changes in obtaining a Driver License has been an impact to every Juan who wants to have their driving license. It aims to ensure that driver licenses are given to disciplined individuals with more than average driving skills and extensive knowledge on road safety and established laws. It is a mandatory requirement along with a Practical Driving Certificate from LTO and accredited Driving Schools. For some Juan it is indeed a nice move and should be really a prerequisite but some backlash with this idea because of the need to pay such a huge amount in order to obtain one. For example, a TDC amounts from 1500 and PDC 4500 onwards. For me, as long as all of the people who will acquire a license will surely go through the clean state process there’s nothing wrong with it. I just do hope that there will be no fixers alongside with this newly imposed rule of LTO.

1. Theoretical Driving Course Certificate (It will be verified online once your Driving School uploaded it via LTO database). Below are the requirements needed to obtain your Driving Course Certificate
a. Xerox Copy and Original PSA Birth Certificate

b. Xerox Copy and Original PSA Marriage Certificate for married woman

c. Xerox Copy and Original Valid ID

d. 15 Hours Theoretical Course and passing the written exam

2. Xerox Copy and Original PSA Birth Certificate. Xerox Copy and Original PSA Marriage Certificate for married woman

3. Xerox Copy and Original Valid ID

4. Medical Exam Clearance or Certificate from LTO Accredited Clinic
a. Blood Test certificate or document bearing your blood type in case you don’t want to have your blood test taken at the clinic

b. Snellen Eye Chart and Color Blind Test 

c. Physical Exam like Blood Pressure, Weight and Height, Medical History

5. TIN ID if employed

This is optional if you don’t have an ID yet they will just leave it blank on your permit

6. For minors, they need to present a parent or guardian consent first

Once you have submitted these requirements to the LTO office personnel they will give you a Application for Driver’s License Form for you to fill out. After filling out the form, you will submit it again and wait for your name to be called for data entry verification and affixing your digital signature. You will also be asked for a photo capture to be affixed with your student permit also.

A payment of 317 will be collected upon printing your student permit.

A student permit will have a validity of one year from the date issued for you to obtain your Non-Pro or Pro Driver’s License. But, you can already start applying for your Driver’s License after a month of having your student permit.

Just in case you are also from Batangas like me, I will list the contact information of 707 Driving Academy for your inquiries regarding TDC and PDC. For now, LTO has suspended the Online Theoretical Driving Course on every LTO Accredited Driving School until further notice. They highly encourage physically going through the offices for this process.

707 Driving Academy Pallocan West 

For Globe: 📞 09175006671 📲 09277100345  📲 09568851822

For Smart/Sun: 📞 09324418598

Located at:

📍 4th Floor Maptan Building, Pallocan West, Batangas City 

(At the back of Savory, near SM City Batangas)

My Online Theoretical Driving Course is at promo during that time and it only costs 1800. You may visit their facebook page for other promo they might give this year. Don’t forget to mention “wanderwahm” upon inquiry. Also, just in case you also enroll at 707 Driving Academy for your Practical Driving Course after passing your Theoretical Course with them, they will give a special discount.

For my Medical Certificate, I process it via RC Medical Services - SM Batangas branch which is beside the LTO Satellite office wherein I obtain my Student Permit. They are listed as LTO Accredited Medical Clinic.

Contact No: 📞 Globe 09277100345 📞 Sun 09324418598  📞 Landline (043)311-1883

Medical Fee includes Physical Exam 480 and Blood Test 120

If you have questions feel free to comment down below or send me a message via my facebook page: for faster reply.

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