Poor Customer Service of Ku Chi Tea Alangilan Branch

When foodpanda.ph arrived at Batangas City we were ecstatic to finally have a food delivery just like in the metro. During pandemic there are many delivery services, however, they charged so much that we cannot enjoy our meals and sometimes, store do not have delivery services so we have to pickup our orders.

Other stores like Ku Chi Tea have their own delivery however, in our area, we have a minimum order to be acquired. I cannot order that much for a milktea variant because I am the only one drinking milktea in our house. The hassle of driving is also not possible for me because I have a kid in tow. So when I learned that Ku Chi Tea partnered with foodpanda for delivery, they are my top priority to order food. Also, to try the foodpanda service for the first time. However, to my dismay, a mishap happened.

I know so well that everything will not be perfect. But this time around, as I've experienced it, I cannot bear to witness myself that Ku Chi Tea along with their self-acclaimed Legitimate Taiwan Craze in town have the worst customer service I ever encountered. It all started with their not properly sealed cup and ended up in a blaming game. 

I ordered a Nutella Milk Tea from Ku Chi Tea Alangilan Branch via foodpanda.ph. The milkteca was prepared fast and delivered in my doorstep in a timely manner. However, when the rider came, he handed me a spilled milktea already. 

Naku kuya bakit natapon na?

Mam hindi kasi ayos yung takip pala.

Okay sige, keep the change na lang kuya. Thank you.

I thought that it was just a small spill. Upon opening the plastic, I notice that the cup wasn't really properly sealed, as there is a slight opening of the plastic that you can even insert the straw in it. QUE HORROR! I wasn't mad by that time but of course, as a customer and a blogger myself who always review foods and products, whenever I have a feedback, I always send the seller right away. Read how I ended up furious upon learning that Ku Chi Tea Alangilan Branch is handling customers like this. 

At the end, I told them okay, I'm gonna post this through my facebook and they even replied back with a welcome! Gawd. I think they didn't actually thought that I am a blogger without checking my profile. So I did posted it and share it to my friends and also posted a separate post in my personal account.

I was even hoping that they will really notice how this will revert back to their store because as we all know, customer service matters to everyone. No matter how small or big your business is, how long are you in the industry, if you cannot speak up to your customers in a polite manner, or admit your fault at your end then there's a big factor that future customers might not consider trying out your product. 

I escalated the incident through foodpanda and they are telling me that they will issue a refund, however, I do not really intend to have a refund over this matter. What I am after is for the store to take back what they said and admit that they are the ones at fault since the milktea is not sealed properly. And their staff neglects to check it and handed it to the rider. The rider didn't also check as he would not also should have accepted it if it wasn't sealed and spilled during the handling.

This is my first purchase, I know that I can cancel my order at that moment. But I didn't. I am not sure how it really goes when I cancel it, if the rider will be charge or will be liable for the cancelled item or can the rider bring it back to the store. It will never suffice the incident if the rider will be charged but worst scenario came when Ku Chi Tea blamed it over the rider. Damn!

As of this writing, Ku Chi Tea Philippines didn't even respond to my message via their facebook page. No sorry, and they stand for their word: KU CHI TEA IS NOT LIABLE FOR THIS.

Just always remember that in this age of internet, reviews are the most beneficial to customers and your competitor is just one click away. Better be careful!

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  1. The concept of customer service is alien in this country. They say it but they don't mean it. This attitude stems from many things and one of the major reasons why is because businesses are too powerful here. For example, it's impossible to get a refund from Smart or Globe. That pro-business anti-consumer attitude is everywhere.


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