MonsterTacular Halloween at SM City Batangas

October 31, 2019 at 10:30 in the morning we hover at SM City Batangas to celebrate and join the kids for Trick or Treat. It is our first ever Trick or Treat at SM City Batangas. The original plan was in the afternoon but after learning from some friends who have experienced it before, we might not get more candies if we opt in the afternoon time slot. Good thing there's no traffic abound as we reach the mall for 30 minutes commuting at 3 different routes.

We were lucky that we got a reservation by Naynay Lea, but apparently, my sister in law wasn't able to join us due to a party, so instead, I got 3 wristband at hand. The wristband also serves as a priority participant + loot bag after the activity but instead, since so much kids joined the mall-wide trick or treat, the exclusiveness wasn't garner at all. Mall goers wander from tenant to tenant to gather candies, and who could resist not to give in if there are already so much kids asking for more? 

Meanwhile, I dressed up Isobelle as a fairy. This was her costume 5 years ago when she attended a costume party of our neighbor. Also, we borrow the tutu skirt and flower crown from our neighbor to add up the costume we had since Isobelle already outgrow her original dress paired with her wings.

The mall-wide trick or treat might have been an exciting one if only participants follow the rules. Not just the kids and parents but also the stalls. It could have been easy to trace the tenants who participated if they have a flag or poster at the entrance already. Since so much kids are pushing and parents are also wavering, some of the kids cried for the sake of one candy! 

After that, we headed to the event center to gather our exclusive loot bag in exchange of the wristband. We weren't able to witness the contest because we are already exhausted so we decided to just go home earlier than we expected. 

To sum up, this is what we got. Basket full of candy treats and even chocolates. 

I was appalled to learn that they don't know the mechanics of the mall-wide trick or treat. It is already announced in the facebook page of SM City Batangas yet some participants are still asking at the day of the mall-wide trick or treat.

I do hope that next year, the said event will be an organized one so every registered participants can really enjoy it and might as well prepare for some games too not just a contest for the best dressed in town. 

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