SIXciting Birthday at Tia Belle's Restaurant Batangas City

Nowadays where every corner serves Milk Tea, and the only choice is McDo and Jollibee for every kid, I opt for a homey feels ambiance to celebrate my daughter's sixth birthday. I do not want a grand one. I decided to just go to church and have a fine lunch with her and her favorite cousin.

Tia Belle's has been operating for months already but I haven't tried their menu yet. I've read good reviews, not just because it is a franchise from original Tagaytay origin but because they've been serving good food thru their tagline "A Taste of Home". While curiosity lingers through my mind if it's only a hype review, I think this is the best time to have my own experience.

As always, I have this thing with Sizzling Pork Sisig and of course, my favorite sinigang na hipon. At first, I thought that their sisig will not suffice my craving because indeed, they don't have the usual crack egg on top. But to my surprise, it taste good, even better with my current favorite sisig at my favorite resto in town. I have a distinct taste when it comes to sisig, I want the salty version but this one is a mixture of salty and sweet in one spoonful of it. I like their variant! No. I love it!

However, to my honest opinion, the Sinigang na Hipon might also be good enough but the prawns are little. I was expecting big sizes of prawns while indulging with the sour taste of the soup.

For the birthday surprise, they arrange a singing staff with banner while holding a plate of pichi pichi. While others have ice cream or mini cake, they have their own version of pichi pichi with candle too! I was even surprise they got my daughter's name on the banner. Ecstatic and surprise, my daughter even utter "best day ever" after they finish singing her a happy birthday.

Watch their surprise for Isobelle here:

Tia Belle's restaurant invites you to a homey ambiance and feels like invited to an ancestral house of your grandparents. While indulging yourself to different filipino dishes, it is a break to the norm instead of gulping milktea or even eating a fast food chain. Best for events or even a break from stress from the city.

I am already looking forward for the next celebration or maybe next weekend to dine in again and savor myself with their other menu.

Not a sponsored post. I paid for the food and reviews express here are based on my experience.

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