Earn Five Hundred with Shopback App

If you are like me who always shops at Lazada or even Shopee, booking at Klook or Foodpanda, have yourself some treat by using the Shopback App.

What is Shopback?
Shopback is a cashback reward program which takes a portion of your cash back when you make a purchase through a platform. 

Nowadays, it's not only the malls who give us some cash rebates but also the online shopping platforms. What better way to earn is by using the Shopback App. You simply download the app and sign up to register.

To earn your first Php100 with the Shopback App, register under my link: CLICK HERE

Once registered, you need to open the Lazada, Shopee or Klook app within the Shopback App to trace your first purchase. Just remember that the rebates are not fixed. But, once your purchase is traced by the App, a portion or percent of your purchase goes to your Shopback wallet. 

I got two successful referral after I registered but I haven't earned the actual Php100 referral fee because the referral hasn't fulfilled the requirements yet. But, apart from it, I actually earned my first Php500 by using the Shopback App. Here's the proof.

It's so easy to earn this if you are a regular costumer of online platforms. I got three platforms with Shopback App, the Lazada, Shopee and Klook. I got huge discounts already by using the three platforms but what's more exciting is I got another rebate by using the Shopback App with it.

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If you got questions, just comment down below and I'll try to answer it.

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