Motherhood and Deprived Sleep

When we moved here, I feel so restless for a week because of everyday chores and dealing with matters at our new home. From cable installation to internet connections, reconnecting with lives in the neighborhood, everyday routine, and drastic adjustment because we live far from the city makes me feel so tired that I have cramps at the end of the day.

I also have this social media attachment that I can't lay down my phone for a period of time because I have to catch up. It's really hard to give up and unplugged. I also have a tendency to always be online because of my work at home.

When hubby came, the household chores were divided but I still can't seem to find a decent sleep that I ended up waking at 9 in the morning because husband lets me have enough sleep during the day since I am almost awake in the wee hours because of work. It's really hard to find a balance between work at home, having a toddler and adjustments in our home.

But this week, I get to have enough rest and able to balance all of it. I wake up early in the morning now, have some coffee and log in for early work while my kid is beside me having breakfast too. We do not have a crying session in the morning now, good glory! By 10 am, I have to prepare for our lunch and by 1 pm it's already siesta since I have work by 2 pm onwards.

I unplugged myself for 2-4 hours maximum in a day at social media. I also sleep before midnight so I can wake up peacefully in the morning without the need to nag around just because my sleep is not enough. So the culprit is really my phone. I am still aiming for more hours unplugging but I just really can't for the meantime. It is also our means of communication. But I am proud that at least, for the 2 hours period I get to sleep in the afternoon.

Being a mom and working at the same time could be exhausting. Rest is really needed and in this time of technology, we need not just to balance our time but to also mind the time we used in every day of our lives. I aim to build more time, more "mommy-daughter" time this year. Because really, time is precious and sooner or later we don't want to regret the childhood of our children that we just let to pass by.

Take a rest, breathe fresh air and balance your time and you will surely surpass motherhood with flying colors!

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