Vitapack Megawhite for Fair White Skin

I do not intend to be whiter but I wanted to have that fairer skin without acne breakouts. Because my face is not cooperating with my recent beauty stash regimen anymore. If you've been my follower, you know that already. I searched online for the most effective capsule that I can take since Vitamin E is also not effective with me. 

Then I bumped into impressive reviews with Vitapack. I also know some bloggers who are already using this with their beauty regimen (Mommy Via, Genzel, Kikay si Kat). Good thing GCash have this Cyber Deals wherein they offer a whooping Php200 rebate upon purchasing using GCash as payment method and another 10% discount before checkout. That is really huge savings considering that Vitapack is a bit pricey for me.

Vitapack Megawhite costs roughly Php920 at Lazada and can be bought per sachet through their Shopee account at Php65 each pack. Each box is consists of 10 packs already with 2 capsules inside, one for morning and another one for evening dosage. So I ordered 1 box to try if there is no side effects upon taking this oral. The delivery was fast and I receive the rebate 3 days after.

First impression was the packaging is superb since every pack is resealable. You can bring each stash if you are also travelling and it's super light to carry actually. I drink the first capsule before breakfast and the other one before bedtime. The first box I ordered lasted for 10 days and although I've seen significant changes with my face, I am hesitant to order another box because of it's price. Good thing, I was saved by GCash once again. They have another promo of Cash In with Lazada wallet and receive 10% of it. Also, I withdrew the money I earned from Snapcart. It's almost the price of the first box I ordered. But this time, I am taking it once a day only.

Vitapack Megawhite (green box) can be used to achieve a natural brightness to the skin or can also be used as a whitening supplement. Vitapack Megawhite contains l-glutathione, which is one of the most effective anti-oxidants; and l-cysteine, which helps the body produce its own glutathione.

See the before and after photo of my face upon taking the first box of Vitapack Megawhite.

There seems to be a significant changes for a week use of Vitapack capsules and I can't wait for the results after a month of taking the supplement. It really helps me to get rid of my stubborn acne and helps lighten my skin.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I use my own money to purchase the Vitapack Supplement on this review. 

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