Waived Fee Bank Transfer by GCash

We all know the fact that having your work at home would give you so much freedom doing all the chores and parenting skills in a day. But what if we have to do bank errands? Working at home made me realize that I cannot just roam around in a day and do bank errands. Aside from it is time consuming because of pile of depositors, there are also days that I can't just take a leave with my work. Good thing GCash Transfer made it possible for me to have my bank errands hassle free!

1. My work pay is thru Paypal and Paypal funds are the most crucial when it comes to withdrawals. Aside from the limitations and other complaints I've heard from the time being I started working at home, withdrawals are my dilemma. I need to have a minimum amount to be able to transfer funds to my nominated bank account. It took 2-3 days sometimes before my money will be transferred into it. But GCash seamlessly transfer my Paypal funds in just a minute! Plus, it only has a Php500 minimum and waived fee. How convenient was that?

2. Now having my Paypal funds transferred to GCash made it more convenient for me because I get to choose where I will transfer the amount with two of my banks. Sometimes I need funds thru my BPI because I have to pay my credit card but most of the time I needed it in my BDO because most of my transactions and bills payment is done through it. Now I don't have to worry because I can seamlessly transfer from GCash to BPI, GCash to BDO or even transfer my funds from BDO to BPI with waived fee too! How can GCash made a promo like that?

Here's how you can transfer your funds from one bank to another.

GCASH to BANK Transfer Tutorial

The only thing I guess GCash has to work on is the transfer limits. They claim that in a month transaction, you are only allowed to have Php100,000 in total of debit and credit. Which is a small amount since you have a total of Php100,000 only in your account. There should be a chance to increase limit since a lot of work at home now are earning more money and I don't think a 100k limit would suffice. Also, I know that some businesses now are also having GCash as their mode of payment so I really think there is a need to increase limit.

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