Bulalo World + Lechon Factory

Last November 2018, Bulalo World x Lechon Factory opens its door to public at SM City Batangas. I hesitated to try the foods there since I do not want to mingle with so many people there since it is still newly opened. I thought that the place were just crowded because it is still new. But later on as months passes, the line and tables are always full. Many people are still eating much more during weekends.

Yesterday, since we were celebrating our Valentines Day, my husband and I tried the foods there for the first time. He ordered the Bulalo with unli rice and mine was the Lechon Manok with lechon rice. He also ordered the red iced tea. 

When the food was served I instantly grab my spoon to taste the soup and it was good! Although the strips of meat is quite thin and the bulalo was not that big, for a price of less than Php200, I think it is still affordable and enjoyable to eat.

My lechon manok is marinade well enough that the taste linger in every bite. It is not too big and not that small. Just the right serving for a person. I like that it is cooked well and no "madugo" part. It is also affordable for the price of less than Php200. 

So if you are looking for these kind of foods, you might try the foods at Bulalo World and Lechon Manok. Not that expensive and you'll be busog after.

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