Ma'am and Moms Washable Tempera Paints

I was eager to introduce another activity for Rein so she can enchance her brain development and also the interest on doing an activity for a long period. I saw my godchild twins that are fond of their painting activity. So I immediately ask my kumare about it. She told me that they are using tempera paints so I immediately look for it at bookstores and department stores. Apparently, the ones sold here is too expensive. So I look online and luckily I found one.

From Ma'am and Moms FB page

Ma'am and Moms is offering tempera paints for personal use and even souvenirs. I like the idea that she have a set already and sometimes have her own clearance sale for the stash products. I wasn't able to have one but I ordered a trial set and art board

It comes with 3 bottles of 100ml primary colors (Red, Blue, Yellow), a toddler brush, and the bestselling round tip foam 4-pc set. Mix and match the primary colors to come up with the secondary colors. The Art Board is Php50 per pack which is 10 sheets already.

I like that it is already washable so I don't have to think how messy it can be since I can easily clean it off. The three paints have different texture. The yellow and blue have a much thicker mixture than the red one. So I don't have to add water since I wanted to have a thicker and more visible color too. 

Here's the sample of paint with little amount of water

The kiddie brush is easily washed or cleaned thru running wated. But you have to be careful because it's nanlalagas (can't think of the english word sorry! Hehe). The foam brush is not my favorite either because we have a hard time using it. But what we discover is we can also use Isobelle's old stamps with it. She's fond of stamping activity so I teach her how to use it with paints.

Free hand painting with assistance

We tried it with her coloring book designs

After a week of using it, Isobelle have this "sawa na" attitude again. She doesn't want to use the tempera paints anymore. But I love the fact that there is indeed an instruction note on how to keep the tempera paints for longer use and even the proper storage and cleaning of brushes. So satisfied with the package and how they deal with customers like me. I will introduce it again to Isobelle when she have sensitive period on writing, coloring and colors again. Right now, she's active with letter sound and spelling.

Ma'am and Moms

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