Get Discounts on Hospital Bills, Laboratory Exams, Grocery and Food using an ID

I'm sure you already read my recent post about how we saved Php60,000 worth of therapy sessions last year. If not, then click here before you proceed to reading my next journey. All of us are always having problems when it comes to financial. I myself have been into this dilemma countless of times. But God is really for when I seek guidance and light, He always show me the way. When we have been thinking on how we can get therapy sessions while starting to build our home, He showed us which path to take. Now, it doesn't stop there and we are still on the right track. I always believe in the power of God's time, God's perfect time.

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While I was securing my requirements to avail the EBD medical assistance for Isobelle's therapy, one of the document I need to get is the Barangay Certificate (but they use another term, I just can't remember what they told me before). I was told that in order to get that, I should head on to DSWD office. Upon asking the said document, the staff told me that they are not the ones who will give me that, it should be our Barangay Office. But, even if I am not asking and through her constant questions about why I will get that document, I learned about the PWD or Person with Disability Card. Is this what you called lucky? Maybe. But wait till you see the benefits I gained throught it.
As provided in the Magna Carta of Disabled Persons, the state is duty-bound to recognize the rights, protect, and support Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) through various social systems. PWDs are granted benefits and privileges such as 20% discounts at restaurants and hospitals, to transportation benefits.
In 2007, Republic Act 9442 was signed into law, amending and expanding the Magna Carta of Disabled Persons, granting more benefits for PWDs.
The PWD CARD works just like the Senior Citizen Card. It's not that I am happy that we have one but I took on the lighter side of having a PWD Card because it is indeed so useful to our little Isobelle's needs. If I would have given a choice, I wouldn't want one but I think that maybe we are given this situation because God knows that we are capable of dealing with it. Talking about the usefulness and benefits of the PWD CARD, here are some of the Laboratory Fees and Hospital Bill that was discounted by presenting our PWD CARD. 

Before Isobelle turns three, she was hospitalized due to slight pneumonia. We only have Philhealth and PWD card to cater the bill. Thanks to the discount, we were able to cut our bill from almost Php24,000 down to Php14,000.

Hospital Bill last year wherein we use our Philhealth and PWD ID card

With therapy, our Developmental Pedia advise us on some laboratory exams needed in order for us to trace the cause of her Developmental Delay. Although I have always been having these thoughts already because my husband's family also has 2 child with the same condition. My mom suspects that it was because of my excessive usage of computer. I also suspects that the main cause was the stress related problems on my first and 2nd semester pregnancy wherein a child development is crucial. Also, I happen to watch from Jen Mercado's movie "Just the Three of Us" about this condition (insert husband who always tell me "wag mo naman momhie isabuhay ang napapanood mo"). But on a larger scale, it is sometimes No Diagnosis of Cause at all. Sadly, but all we can do is just guide our daughter throughout  this phase as she needs the time to adjust and even surpass this delay. Yes, surpass. Because one of my husband's niece was also like this but at a certain point and today, she was doing well. She may not be the smartest of their class but she is able to cope up and went to regular school (which I really hope for once Isobelle is ready for school). She wasn't talking way back when she was still same age of Isobelle, but now, naku sobrang daldal. She also undergone PT, the only therapy she had because she also walks late. She writes and able to read efficiently now when her mother guide her well with that aspect. So I am also looking for the light that if I also have the time for Isobelle then maybe we can also cope up and not spend thousands of money on therapy anymore. We're on that track actually as I started our homeschool journey but I will share about that on my next post.

Thyroid Exams needed

Karyotyping exam to determine if there are abnormalities

And then came the medicines needed after we discharge her from the hospital. I use the PWD card again for medicine purchases. It works just like the Senior ID Card where you will be given a 20% discount on every drug purchased. 

Medicine Purchased this year due to her Constipation and Earwax

With grocery I made sure that we get to meet the maximum per calendar week, Php1300 alotted allowance to get the 5% discount per basic needs including her Milk, Diaper, Bread and some of items listed on the booklet. I can save for a 60-100 pesos every grocery that I have for her. We also have a priority lane with PWD that sometimes other people in line with us is curious why I am on that line when it is for Seniors and PWD's only.

Discounted Items in our Grocery Receipt

On food, dining out, even for takeout and delivery, we are also entitled for a 20% discount for her food consumption. I always have one menu since she cannot eat on her own before. And up to now I am still feeding her when we dine in. For delivery, I simply need to dictate her PWD ID # for records. 

There was one incident before that I was asked by a known food chain for my daughter's consent when I ordered a takeout food for her. The staff was asking for an authorization letter signed or marked by my daughter. I was shocked with their policy. It was my first time to encounter things like that. But the owner of the store connects with me and asking for forgiveness that they commit a mistake there. I already address the issue on NCDA but they haven't replied yet. I was shocked because how can a 4 yr old able to write her name much more give me an authorization letter when I am the mother/guardian? Aside from her condition, I don't think she can have the much more knowledge to aim what is good for her. A 4 yr old with GDD is not something you deal with everyday. I am still looking for the answers to that scenario because what if they are right that they can't give me a discount just because my daugter is not with me? What if those store that gives discount doesn't know about this case and just give discount to us just because I already presented an ID. Who will be accountable for it?

While waiting for the right answers, that was what we experience so far. We haven't tried to use them on amusement park and utility vehicles. For the requirements on securing a PWD card, please read it here

I hope that I was able to provide you again an informative post. Feel free to share it to your family, relatives or friends because not all people know this PWD ID benefits. Not all knows that a PWD is not all about handicap people, there are different kinds of disability and we should be aware of that.