Make Money through Receipts

Have you ever heard of making money online just by uploading your receipts? Yes, your receipts at the grocery, your beauty products purchase or even your medicine purchases. How did it happen?

While searching through google playstore for apps that allows me to earn money, I stumble upon Snapcart. Snapcart allows you to upload receipts in exchange of cash or load rebates. It wasn't harmful to try so I installed it and try the app to see if it's legit or now. Wala namang mawawala kasi mag upload lang ng resibo ang gagawin. No referral needed, no capital indeed.

The minimum redemption for cash through bank is Php200 with a minimal fee of Php20. Once I reached the minimum amount, I redeem on the first attempt. It took me 3 days to finally credited it to my account. The next amount was Php500 but it took longer than expected because of the app glitches and bank issues. But it was another success redemption after submitting my request on customer support.

The app also has this bonus feature wherein you can collect coins by answering surveys, watching videoes and also by taking a selfie with the featured product. I didn't try the latter as it requires me to upload it via social media apps. Coins will be used to play the bonus game in which you can earn additional coins or additional cash.

The app also has an upgrade and downgrade levels where you should regularly snap receipts in order to maintain your multiplier or higher than that. At this point I am already a Gold level. The cashback I earned will then be multiplied to corresponding multiplier of my level.

Now it is my third redemption if I happen to redeem at a minimum amount. But I insist on waiting for another Php500 cashback before hitting the redemption button again.

Happy earning to us! Snapcart is available for download at Google Playstore and for iOS.

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  1. I started snapcart already! :) just waiting for my first redemption! :P


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