Step Up with Kicks: Unleashed Your Creativity

It was my first time to attend an event and nevertheless far from the city. Although SM Calamba is not really new to me, I still find it hard to commute lalo pa at sira ang Startoll. Needless to say, I can't say NO since it will be an added experience for me as a blogger to attend such event.

We were given Sharpie Kits as well as the freebies which includes 1 ecobag, 1 Stringbag, Sharpie Pens, 1 Sharpie Journal and of course the pair of Kicks that we will design. I am indeed skeptical with designs since I don't have the guts to create at that moment. Also I am thinking that what if I can't wear the design I made? So I just opted for a simple design instead.

See the details I did at the back of my Kicks? I just draw a rainbow pattern and just line up some blue color on the hems which is my favorite color too. These pairs are perfect for my simple OOTD but mind you, the shoes are quite heavy to wear compare to my other pairs of Kicks.

In this event I also meet another Ala Eh Blogger, Myxilog. Of all places, dito pa talaga kami nagkatagpo! Her design indeed is so fab, I was a bit jealous with her creativity, kidding!   

There are other bloggers from Laguna but we didn't have the chance to chat with them since we were all pre-occupied with our designs. Some contestants are also giddily having fun with their finish products.

It was a great day even if we have to travel for two hours and meeting other bloggers and being able to attend an event like this is a superb experience for a blogger like me.

For other photos on the event please click here: Step Up with Kicks

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