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We've been invited last Tuesday at Sweet Kirsh Cafe located at P. Burgos in front of Asian Institute College School. It is actually my second time here since I already got the rave to visit their cafe a couple of months ago. I was ecstatic about the Hello Kitty themed cafe. From wall painting to their menu, I have no doubt that it will be the trend for all walks of life especially to Hello Kitty lovers.


At my first visit I ordered their best seller. The frappe was so good but it doesn't matches with my burger.

Chopper - Beef Sirloin in Teriyaki Sauce
Java Chip Frappe

I ordered some desserts for Isobelle and mom. There are tarts and cupcakes displayed at that time. Red velvet, chocolate, blueberry, strawberry, and mango are some of the flavor to choose from. Carefully boxed in a simple white box and tied up with a red ribbon.

The Hello Kitty cupcake is my favorite!

I like the idea that it has no wifi because you can talk with your friend while waiting for your order. Cellphones are for picture purpose only because the data signal is also low inside. Take a look at their menu. Every week they serve special menu so that customers will have the idea to come back again and try the new one.

Menu Board - Take note that they also make their own flavored buns!

Now on my 2nd visit, we got to taste the ultimate Pika Tower Burger together with #AlaEhBloggers Zai and Mirriam accompanied by of course kabatang.com admins ate Jobz and DJ Boom who also brought lovers for that night. While waiting for the menu, I happened to notice the difference of the cafe from my last visit. 

Front Counter used to be a display of cupcakes and tarts

New look of front counter: Graffiti Board or Freedom Wall where you can leave some notes.

We were served with monster shakes first. There are many monster milkshake in their new menu. This is surely a hit to chocolate lovers out there and for instagrammable photos. I chose the Rocky Road flavor and it's not too sweet after all so no worries. Thank you for this milkshake, I got to taste the Peppero for the first time! (grins*)

Rocky Road Monster Shake

Japanese Matcha Milkshake

Nutella Milkshake

Bacardi Milkshake

Ferrero Rocher Milkshake

And then the much awaited Pika Tower Burger arrived. Oh my God how are we going to eat them? The Pika Tower Burger is consist of 11 beef sirloin patties in a lemon bun. It tasted good and will definitely recommend it. It has bacon, slice melted cheese, cheese and their special sauce, tomato, cucumber, lettuce and onion. The lemon flavored bun compliments with the patty and spices perfectly!

Pika Tower Burger: Gonna Eat Them All

What's more enticing is the nachos. I used to hate nachos because I thought there was nothing special to it but then it makes a lot of sense to me now. 'Twas good and spicy but you will have the rich taste of every spice in it. 

Free Mexican Beef Nachos for every order of Pika Tower Burger but you can also order a single platter for only Php 85

For the price of Php 1198 it already includes unlimited lemon iced tea. Of course there are extra buns for every burger on the stick. You can already have a burger party for your friends and family if you order this one. Unique since you got to take a picture at a tower burger instead of a cake.

Ala Eh Bloggers x Kabatangdotcom x Sweet Kirsh (photo credits to Sir Ray Lubis)

Owned by Ray Lubis and his brother Engr. Robispher Lubis who is currently abroad.

A few months after, another branch was opened together with his friend Owen Javillo. 

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