Beauty and Bright Facial & Body Lightening Moringa Soap

This is another review for the soap I received from Genzel when I won the Reader of the Month on her blog. I was able to used up the first soap which I already reviewed here. Now, I am using the other variant, Facial and Body Lightening Moringa Soap. I must admit that at first I was skeptical to use the soaps because it might be harmful to me since I was pregnant when I received it. But I learned that it is natural soap so I use it whenever I take a bath and to my surprise, I was delighted to use it everyday.

This is how the packaging looks like. The first cover is in green color while the latter part is orange. The green cover is removable and I don't know why the package is like this that they have to use a separate one when in fact it has the same information on labels. Forgive me as I forgot to take a picture of the actual soap but it's pretty much the same on the other variant I received, a little bit white in color. They say that the soap is in that hue because they didn't add color pigments since they want to remain the natural ingredients of the soap and avoid chemicals.

From here you can actually see that the cover is into two parts. The soap is 130g and cost only Php 94.00. Pretty much affordable for those who are looking for organic soap which is chemical free and adds beauty and lightens your skin at the same time. Aside from this, you can it as a body or facial soap. Some would cut it into two parts, one for facial and one for their body use but I preferred to use it on my body alone. As mentioned on my review before, it does not easily melt and I used this soap for a long time. It's not sticky too and just right for the foamy effect of it once you use it with scrub. The soap also leaves a refreshing feeling after using it. It is easier to rinse it off without leaving residues at all.

Additional information about the soap is already written at the back label and from there you will see how the soap works wonder for your skin.

Included in the packaging is the manufacturing date and the expiration date of the soap. It is best for products to have those information so that so that no one will be mislead if they are using the product properly and to avoid damage on your skin. It is always best to look at this important dates more on if you're buying foods at the counter. You don't want an expire product do you?
Now here's my product rating. I just give a 4 out 5 mainly because it is not available here in our place and I just have to buy online if I wanted to. But if I will be asked if I will buy it again, I will definitely say YES.

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