Human Nature Intensive Hair Mask

With my first Human Nature first haul, I include the Human Nature Intensive Hair Mask since I've read that it's also a good product after using their shampoo. So it wouldn't hurt me if I try since I can't also use the conditioners that time when I was pregnant. Apparently, I forgot to take some pictures before so I end up hovering some photos on google but decided not to copy it afterwards. The actual haul is discussed here and from there you can see the Human Nature Intensive Hair Mask in Avocado and Gugo Bark in Rosemary Scent.
Human Nature Intensive Hair Mask in Avocado and Gugo Bark in Rosemary Scent
I thought that this would smell better than the jasmine one but hell no, after using it all up and I immediately texted my dealer and told her that I wouldn't repurchase another since I don't like the smell of it, a little bit peppermint. For me, it has a strong smell just like the oils use for massage. Although the hair  mask works wonder on my hair that it actually straighten and leaves my hair moisturize and smooth after every use. It works just like the regular conditioner.

Rating: ★★★★ || Price: ₱ 99.75 || Size: 50 g || Repurchase:  YES NO

Well after that one, I decided to try the other scent of Human Nature Intensive Hair Mask which is the Jasmine Scent. Again, same size as the one I purchased before but this time I was able to take some pics of it for the review.

Human Nature Intensive Hair Mask in Avocado and Gugo Bark in Jasmine Scent 

Packaging is just the same but the labels are of different color. I define jasmine as the flower which is similar to the fragrance of sampaguita since I also have a perfume Jasmine and when I smell it, just like the sampaguita garlands I used to buy at church. But this one smells good and I love it! Not too strong and not to mellow once your hair is dried up. I applied it just the same with the Rosemary and of course it also add smoothness to my hair leaving it with glow and fragrant. Just the way I want it. One more thing is it doesn't give me dandruff flakes unlike when I use regular conditioners.

Since I am pregnant when I was using the product I make it sure that the hair mask is absolutely chemical free. You can read all about the ingredients of the product at the back label also a procedure on how to use it. As you can see, it's 100% chemical free and what's more I like it that there is no paraben use in this one. According to my research, parabens isn't safe for pregnant women though there is no 100% claim on it that it's true according to researchers and doctors.

Here you can see the stamped expiration date which is November 2, 2014. But I've it up for about two weeks but I didn't have the chance to repurchase again since I am addicted to Sampleroom products now and there are no limitations on every product I use because I already gave birth and not even breastfeeding. But if I were asked if I would repurchase again the Jasmine Scent? Absolutely YES!

Rating: ★★★★ || Price: ₱ 99.75 || Size: 50 g || Repurchase:  YES NO

Do you also use Hair Mask? What brand are you using?

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