My list of American Series

When I was still working at Laguna, my pad mate is into series. She's watching reruns and actually buy cd's just to watch her favorites. The first series I watched was "Prison Break" but I didn't really finished that one in just one sitting and actually skipped some episodes. Reminds me that I should download it now so I can have a marathon of it when I got bored. Then one time, the series "Grey's Anatomy" caught me (actually that's where my daughter's name came from "Isobelle". Before I lost interest on babbling about my list, let's start it now.
Grey's Anatomy - An American television medical drama that focuses on the fictional lives of surgical interns and residents as they gradually evolve into seasoned doctors, while trying to maintain personal lives. This is the first series I watched (marathon during New Year's Eve in which year I hardly remember). It got my attention because it's not a typical drama, comedy or romance series but a medical one in which I also learn some facts and deal with issues inside a hospital. I never thought that I will have an eye for "McDreamy" while watching this show. And of course, this is where I got my daughter's name "Isobelle" after Izzy, one of the character I love.

Next on my list is "Gossip Girl". Of course who wouldn't want something they can relate into? This is a teen drama which is based on the book series written by Cecily von Ziegesar. I wanted something that I can read after watching it and see if the series fit perfectly and make a good judgment on the book. Apparently, everytime I tried to turn its pages, I ended up leaving it and didn't really finished reading the first chapter of it when in fact it has five installments. I should really have time reading it and keep myself busy for a while. I love the rivalry of the two leading characters in it, Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen. They are bff's but seems to have issues regarding relationships, family and gossips. Still, they are friends and friends don't leave each other even in misery. The series tackles the lives of Manhattan elites while someone is spying and spreading rumors through SMS, email and a blog site which is maneuvered by a "secret" person. Spoiler alert, one of their friends is into it! Never thought that it was a guy behind it. 

Team Delena here! Yes, I am talking about the The Vampire Diaries which is also based on the book and about the supernaturals mainly vampires, witches and wolves. Everyone is raving about this so I end up watching it too. I love how the story evolve but for now I am missing out the interest on it and eyeing on the story about "The Originals" which is kinda new and have their own installment to make way for how it started and not cloud up the story on Vampire Diaries.

If you were into fairy tales, you should really try watching "Once Upon a Time". It is not the regular fairy tales we used to watch when we were kids. It is not the usual fairy tales we know and memorized along. The series made an impact and twisted some of the stories here. Like for example, the beast we know from Beauty and the Beast is Rumplestiltskin here. Remember Little Red Riding Hood? She's actually the wolf here too! Surprising isn't it? You will meet different characters as you watch each episodes and you'll never guess how the story makes twist.

I hope I have given you enough list to watch. I would have included "Revenge" here but I think it wouldn't fit it because I lost interest into that already as the series always ended up plotting revenges on each other. So, do you also fond of watching series and episodes? Do you have your own list too?

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