Covers and the Frustrated Singer Side of Me

I've been dreaming of being a vocalist in a band. Actually when my brother was still part of a band along with his friends, I was asking if I could join them but he keep on laughing at me because it was like, "hello, di ka naman pwedeng makipag jamming sa amin". But that didn't stop me from pursuing what I wanted to. I still became a vocalist, a vocalist for my hubby and my baby, LOL. As I always end up singing at the wee hours before my husband sleeps after work and to make my baby fall asleep at night time. Guess my voice makes someones have a good night sleep though.
Now, we all know that there so many covers when you search at youtube channels. There are many voices out there who even sings much more beautiful than the original and makes their version much more appreciated. Here's the list of the youtube wonders/covers I like.

Jayesslee Cover of Just the Way You Are originally sung by Bruno Mars - Watch Here
At first I didn't like this song but I once heard this version from a female friend and then I search it through youtube, landed on this beautiful twins online and gotcha, it soothes me. Their voice and rendition of this song really catches my attention, makes me LSS (Last Song Syndrome).
Megan Nicole Cover of Just a Kiss originally sung by Lady Antebellum - Watch Here
I was looking for an acoustic version or the instrumental one since I wanted to record this song for hubby but I found this one instead. This girl rocks! She can sing and play guitar. She also have her own written song. Take a glimpse on her covers. She's really fun with her videos too.

Sam Tsui and Cristina Grimmie Cover of Just a Dream originally sung by Nelly - Watch Here
The movie "Pitch Perfect" brought me here! :) Reminds me I will also make a review of that movie which became one of my favorite and find out who recommended it for me to watch.

Victoria Justice & Max Schneider Maroon 5 Medley - Watch Here
Victoria Justice & Max Schneider Bruno Mars Medley - Watch Here
I am a fan of Maroon 5 and Bruno Mars is really a catch this year. I was looking for a pre-nup AVP song which is lively and I wonder at this page wherein Kurt Schneider directed it. Their voices are really nice and the video is promising! Just take the whole song in just one house but they just keep on moving and moving and moving.

Jessica Jarrell and James Alan Mashup of Call Me Maybe and Payphone - Watch Here
We all know that Call Me Maybe is viral because everyone have their own version of it, may it be a video, cover and even gags of it. I landed to this cool mashup of two of my favorite song. It's quite a catch and nice video trying to translate every lyrics of it and if you notice the background sounds they are really impressive!

Now here's my take of Payphone, actually this is just a teaser as I make a bet on my friends on facebook when I posted it saying that when it reaches 30 likes, I'll make a full cover. Good thing it didn't push through. Haha! Forgive me for the sound quality as I only use a regular headphone for this one. It would be nice if someday I will have a condenser mic (why didn't I include this to my Christmas wishlist?) to pursue my frustrations on a singing career. Hope you'll like it guys!

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